Amarashilpi Jakanachaari – Tanuvu manavu video. There existed a great sculptor named Mallanna Nagaiah in the current day of Karnataka region. Seeing that, Jakkanna is left heartbroken. Dankana points out a flaw in a brilliantly made sculpture by Jakkanna in public. Manjari reaches then and gets sad to see her husband and son. She is rescued by fishermen Relangi, Girija and delivers a baby boy.

amarasilpi jakkanna telugu songs

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Amara Shilpi Jakkanna

This film is the first Telugu Eastmancolor production. International Film Festival of India. Saroja Devi in the lead roles and music composed by S. For More News Visit Facebook: Seeing that, Jakkanna is left heartbroken. When things go on a relaxed pace, the king Gopadevudu Udayakumar lusts for Manjari.

Amara Shilpi Jakkanna – Wikipedia

Amarasilpi Jakkana movie song, Ee nallani rallalo Yekannulu dageno Ee bandalamatuna egundelu It stars Akkineni Nageswara RaoB. Views Read Edit View history. There existed a great sculptor named Mallanna Nagaiah in the current day of Karnataka region.


amarasilpi jakkanna telugu songs

ANR is a sculptor in a village. Uppanyasam video First video of new janganmoganan and keep on watching all my upanyasam audios.

Amarasilpi Jakkana Silpalu video. Retrieved from ” https: Dankana trains under his grandfather Mallanna and becomes a great sculptor.

C Narayana Reddy Singers: Archived from the original on 2 May Jakkanna takes the challenge and when Dankana hits the sculpture with a hammer, a frog comes out of it.

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He tries to tell people not to love or fall for a woman and gets abuses in return. Dramatically, Jakanna and Dankana meet there.

Dasari Narayana Rao, Music: Ntr hit Telugu song video.

amarasilpi jakkanna telugu songs

His son Jakkanna ANR inherits these qualities from his father and becomes a great sculptor by the time he reaches young age. Varada Venkata Astakam Singer: Music composed by S. Amarasilpi Jakkanna Song: It is when Bhagawan Ramanujacharya Dhulipalla rescues Jakkanna and takes him towards the direction of service to God.


Nagabhushanam, Vasanthi, ANR etc. Retrieved 13 September In dramatic circumstances, Manjari happens to dance in the court of Gopadevudu. Bhanumathi, Relangi Venkata Ramaiah, His father’s wish is to make him a great sculptor Saroja Ajkkanna is Suryakantham’s daughter and a courtesan.

amarasilpi jakkanna telugu songs

This movie is a remake of director’s own Kannada movie Amarashilpi Jakkanachari. Jakkanna rightfully follows the path and dedicates himself to make beautiful temples.