Note that the same CDC service may be associated with more than one CDC instance in our case we could have used a single CDC service to capture changes from both of our source Oracle databases. The CDC Designer console will generate a script to do that more on this below. Popular this month No post views yet Split the generated deployment script into three parts: As of this writing, the only way to determine which version is installed is to check the properties of files on disk in C:

attunity oracle-cdc for ssis

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In the Oracle Connection screen, enter the following information, then click Next. Here I will mention several problems that we ran into, and what the solution was for each.

SQL Server Integration Services – SSIS

Microsoft have implemented this exact functionality into SQL server and I really like it there. Note that by default, the CDC service prunes the cdc.

A list of the tables in the packages is displayed. I will also mention a few design patterns we used that may be helpful to someone implementing this feature.

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This was a bug in the product, fixed in the latest version referenced at the top of this post. You will also insert a new record into the JOBS table. Documentation describes that process step by step, so here I will only point out a few additional details.

When tracing to the cdc. Character data types in the deployment script generated by the CDC Designer console were doubled. Even though the log mining account does not query the source Oracle tables directly, it still requires swis SELECT privilege on each source table, so a separate script granting that has to be executed.


Select Select or enter a database name then select tempdb from the list. Therefore, we used the CDC instance deployment script generated for the first Oracle database to deploy the CDC instance for the second database, too.

Attunity Oracle-CDC for SSIS – Sample Tutorial_百度文库

This makes sense from security perspective, but it will cause problems if the CDC instance is deployed using the deployment script just as it was generated by the console more on handling Oracle account password below.

About Terms of Use Privacy Policy 2. That key is used to encrypt the password of the Oracle log mining account. To design our CDC instances, we used a specific workflow that resulted in a set of oracle-cdv scripts. Now, if the source Oracle table has a primary key constraint defined, then the corresponding mirror table in the generated deployment script will have that wttunity key constraint as well, and the net changes mode will be enabled.

In another case, running out of disk space prevented Oracle from archiving an online log once it has rolled over to a new log file. Here we adjusted database file sizes and filegroup configuration, used an appropriate collation, set database recovery model as required, and ssiz the database owner to a specific server principal. To view attuity generated packages and tables 1. Preparing Oracle Database for Data Capture.


Trace data is very helpful in troubleshooting CDC instance configuration and operation problems. We used this script as a starting point to create our own CDC instance deployment scripts, described below.

attunity oracle-cdc for ssis

Type the connect string to connect to the Oracle database you are working with. As noted earlier, this either causes the capture instance for the table to be dropped, or stops data capture altogether.

Select Use Windows Authentication. Check to make sure that the Change Capture status is set to Active. Running the full-load package automatically sets the correct starting place for the CDC package execution.

– Attunity CDC for SSIS

In this scenario, you may also run into oracle-cdv kind of a chicken and egg problem. For each step, I will mention some details that are relevant in the context of the step. To capture and process the changes 1.

attunity oracle-cdc for ssis

If this happens, temporarily suspend the Oracle database workload, if possible, or wait until a period of low activity in the Oracle database. When clustering the CDC service, you need to use a domain account to run the service just like you need to use a domain account to run SQL Server on a cluster. It is important to understand the mechanism that is used to detect schema changes — more on that below.