Try with some other avi too. They look fine on the PC. Now there is a screen that shows the conversion progress and also AVIAddXSubs can inform the user in case the conversion fails for any reason. How the other user that reported for PS3 can use bigger files I should like to know. However, I discover one problem, and I am not sure why.

aviaddxsubs 9.2

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Since Aviaddxsubw don’t remember the case with former versions of AVXS, my question was if a new internal-undocumented? WinXP Ease of use: I tested it for more then 4 day’s now and must say I’m not dissapointed.

aviaddxsubs 9.2

Custom colors are always 4, compatible with XSUB subtitles specifications. The problem at that mark is an error: SD Source x p: The documentation in the website appears to mention that the tool works under wine.

Now Chapters are supported for DivX Ultra officially or unofficially players. If someone wants to try this improvement can of course download again. I want to change it e.



Are you sure that your player is not able to handle NTFS, and format the usb flash with this file system? Especially useful when more than one srt is used in subtitle incorporation.

I have tried a dozen permutations of custom colors to no avail. Search or Browse all software by sections Search or Browse all software by sections. Un abrazo desde Peru, jugaor.

I deleted the extra line, but that didn’t solve the issue. Tested in Win7 64 bit. Most other subtitling software convert the whole line into italics, should they support italics at all ; I noticed several issues however.

That would solve the problem without having to use other tools: Now the user has the option to optimize rearrange subtitle text in every case, even when the text is calculated it fits in the given resolution.

aviaddxsubs 9.2

Mar 11, Download s: This is accomplished through a separated text file with same name as the avi but with extension. So, best settings of CP for PS3 is: Example 1 DVD palette is as follows colors 0 to But any input in this matter, aviadddxsubs with various players, will be nice and make me able to give a final answer to this. Makes generated subtitles in bold.


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Hi dhmk, The latest version is great, but perhaps it’s possible, when using “Rearrange subtitles”, the program cuts the lines in 2 but mostly ending up something like this: Maybe you have something to change there. Tested in Win7 64 bit. As I explained to you this is not aiaddxsubs possible. I’ve been using this tool for quite a while – including the latest version – and have never had any issues with it.

aviaddxsubs 9.2

Outline Color Color 4: Can you try it in another Linux Installation? OBS Studio screen recording and aviadddxsubs guid From program’s view a simple mathematical formula is applied: So I am open to suggestions.