Yet despite my light hearted ribbing, the majority of the album can be described as mature, laid-back, elegant rock music with an affluent sophistication and carefully considered, earnest arrangements. Results cached 6h Items ordered by ending time Showing all 2 items. It’s just a cool tune. Roversi employs enough mellotron to excite the old school fans, while instrumental sections can occasionally get jazzy or bluesy in the smoothest sense of the words. It settles back but contrasts continue. Stick with it then, this debut has turned out to be a rewarding experience.

cavalli cocchi lanzetti roversi

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Lots of mellotron later on. Sorry but that title amuses me.

Cavalli Cocchi Lanzetti Roversi

Yet despite my light hearted ribbing, the majority of the album can be described as mature, laid-back, elegant rock music with an affluent sophistication and carefully considered, earnest arrangements. More mischief, more release, and more sweat.

Studio Album, 3. Their press release claims CCLR “continue the tradition of Italian Lwnzetti Rock groups, singing in English and bringing the genre up to date”the latter part which is worthy of some moderate scorn cavqlli my opinion. Despite there being no guitar player in the band a succession of guest players add acoustic guitar which also plays a prominent role in the sound, played by the likes of Aldo Tagliapietra of Le Orme and Steve Hackett no less to a name a couple.


Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. It’s ballad-like to lansetti and we get some vocal melodies as it picks up. Lanzetti, who sounds amazingly like Roger Chapman of Family fame, is cvaalli gifted vocalist who brings new life to several songs, one of which includes a cqvalli of the Acqua Fragile classic “Morning Comes. The Italian language is one of the great thrills of listening to this unique and amazing sub genre. The mellotron in the background sounds great. I think he’s missing one of the most important things about RPI and that’s how beautiful the Italian language sounds.


Nevertheless the songs are beautifully and tastefully played with excellent musicianship, each playing precisely what’s required of the song rather than flexing their obvious skills. It’s just a cool tune. They sometimes brought to mind Procol Harum for their pace and warmth, as well as classic Supertramp for their blend of accessible styles, and even Peter Gabriel for the unique art-rock flavor. Second, despite their claim of cicchi the tradition, CCLR’s English vocals are instead a footnote to that tradition.

cavalli cocchi lanzetti roversi

Love the mellotron and heavy bass. Well this is true to an extent but the band have gone in a much more singer-songwriter style direction with little resemblance to their former bands. Stick with it then, this debut has turned cavaoli to be a rewarding experience.

There are plenty of exciting and “up to date” bands on the current scene. Guitar duties are handled by a cavalry of special guests, including none other than Mr. I almost thought of this as “lounge-RPI” mixed with crossover and sometimes too much vocal melodrama, during one track I thought I was listening to Meatloaf.

I personally was somewhat indifferent to what I was hearing and repeated listening overcame only some of that. Understandably this gives the music an old school progressive edge though this is not the overiding sound.

CAVALLI I discography and reviews

It’s funny that Lanzetti really promotes in interviews that young Italian bands sing in English. With such a musical history it might be expected that CCLR would cpcchi a band if not necessarily steeped in the RPI tradition then at least be playing prog of some sort. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. First off, the RPI genre is already up to date and has been well before this trio arrived on the scene.


And it’s not because Steve Hackett guests on guitar either because I found this out after the fact. It settles back but contrasts continue. While CCLR are far from a text book definition of what might be considered an RPI band, while containing some elements of RPI at times, the team voted for inclusion as much for the link to more relevant past work and the almost certain interest this formation is likely to attract from Italian prog fans in general.

The first couple of plays coccni leave a certain amount of indifference to the songs, I was that way myself, but after cavallli plays their charms begin to shine through and I found myself really warming to them.

Thanks to nightfly for the artist addition. Results cached 6h Cafalli ordered by ending time Showing all 2 items.

Despite such strong prog credentials anyone approaching this album expecting some serious prog workouts is likely to be disappointed. Reserved vocals come in.

cavalli cocchi lanzetti roversi