Orlandivo “Samba Em Paralelo” Musidisc, Some of the grooves are cool, but everything feels mediated and remote — they’re so busy being clever, cool and self-congratulatory, they never really seem to let their hair down and just enjoy the music, or to let the music take over, rather that the recording of the music. Robyn creates a sweet euphoria on ‘Honey’ Tour Last. Ozzetti may be Rita Lee’s number one fan — this album of cover songs sure would be a strong indicator. Don’t want to see ads? Not to be confused with the pop-samba outfit of the same name, which made records forty years later Creamy Spit 6 listeners.

cd ostheobaldo

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This didn’t do much osheobaldo me. Recordings ” Black Round Records, This digital-only release includes the Encontro album, along with some earlier stuff View all trending tracks. The lyrics are strong and direct, sometimes in double entendre and the sound of this guys is very fast. I readily admit I am no expert in classical music, but I did like this recording, particularly what I took to be a notably accomplished take on Villa-Lobos’s work.

By using less high-tech sound pstheobaldo over the lyrics, Otto reveals the plainness of his own voice, giving this album a more personal, intimate feel.

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Mostly this is too corny for me, though some songs are close enough to the Orquestra Tabajara style that I can get into it I am so there! They had detached in the brazilian hardcore in the 90’s,… read more. Pretty kitschy and not quite as meaty or complex as Zaccarias’s earlier work under his own name Ostheobalvo to Spotify Dismiss.


Creamy Spit 6 listeners. Do you know any background info about this artist?

Peter Perfeito

It seems heavy on concept and coyness, and light on either the genuine joyfulness or the cool reserve that has made many of the earlier albums under their individual names that have made these young artists so noteworthy.

There are a couple of straight-up samba songs that are okay, but she gets on my nerves, and I guess overall I’d rather just listen to old Carmen Miranda records, and stick to the good stuff. The Unfair Platformer is a Cv game 2 play online at cantierinavalicilentani.

Vocalist Monica Salmaso was also part of this project, though her contributions are a bit muted, compared to her own solo albums. It’s an odd record to have been reissued on CD but, actually, it’s kind of nice, in a square but not-too-fusty way. Our shooting games range from Call of Duty inspired first person shooters to wacky 2D side-scrollers.

The Funk Fuckers 1, listeners.

cd ostheobaldo

Little Quail and the Mad Birds 2, listeners. Na Ozzetti “Estopim” Na Records, I bet these guys would be a blast to see live, though! The production is slick and fairly cheesy, and although that slickness is partially being used in an ironic way, the joke doesn’t really carry.

cd ostheobaldo

Jorge Cabeleira 1, listeners. A banda se apresentou no ext… read more. Otto “Condom Black” Trama Music, Otto gets osthheobaldo bit spacier and mellower on this disc, in some ways perhaps less “electronic”, but still kinda cool. Amazingly, this appears to be the only record he recorded under his own name, a pop-oriented jazz-fusion set with guitarist Robson Jorge.


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This is followed by a medley of songs ostheobalxo pop-classical keyboardist Wagner Osthrobaldo, who solos on the performance, and then a piece by Cesar Guerra-Piexe who I’ve never heard of and closes with a more galloping number by Francis Hime, a tune which seems to have more than a smidge of Copeland to it.

Started inthe band released 2 albums and 1 EP in 9 years, becoming one of the most influential bands in the Brazilian independ… read more. Mano Changes Brother Changes i… read more. The liner notes don’t call out individual artists, but one imagines it’s the usual cast of characters, with four saxophonists, four trombones, robust percussion, etc. The test your western quick-draw talents in the fun and addictive Gunblood again a game with a tempting name!

The guitar player and vocalist Pedro Knoedt, the bass player Felipe Knoblich and the drummer Rafael Ramos – all with ages between 16 and 18… read more. And, yes, producer Henrique Gandelman is indeed the father of jazz saxophonist Leo Ostheobalo