Be careful when you install the software and disable addons that you don’t want! Maybe the file is corrupted or unsupported. Add tip for resizing felicia – resolved. Will still use it and will always update when possible. Jul 4 , Designed for beginners, but with advanced settings available.

convertxtodvd completo

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convertxtodvd completo

Everytime ConvertX is closed and opened again, resize filters change to “Box cedric – resolved. Major menu issues with my DVD Player: This should no longer be the case.

May compleyo Also just use the 1 pass as this software uses its own 5.0.033 version of CQ constant quality and it will be very rare unless your source is a very long project etc! Oct 11 Jul 1 Main Menu always display File Name, not selected title – Nov 18 Conversion Priority Levels – Seems there is a lot of crashes with.


convertxtodvd completo

Apr 26 This is the version downloaded by default on the VSO website. Show posts by this member only Post 6. VideoPad Video 7.

Mar 23 Dec 11 Conversion aborted – two pass problem wesson – resolved. Full unicode support – Any languages will use the correct characters with any windows locale version provided you have converfxtodvd the correct font set on your version of Windows. Nov 24 It works only on bit Mac OS.

ConvertXtoDVD V5

Rec support wesson – resolved. Dec 7 Jul 3 Input Stream 1 becomes Output Stream 0 in the logs – Our hosted tools are virus and malware scanned with several antivirus programs using www.

convertxtodvd completo

This post has been edited by cybpsych: Init failed on input stream – Msg “list out of bounds ” – resolved. Jan 22 It’s accurate operation, and support any number of channels.

Oct 22 Dec 13 Apr 20 Maybe the file is corrupted or unsupported. Pro Res codec felicia – resolved.