Two commands are available to lock or unlock a bombsite, that depends on if you prefer a normal command, or a menu. Who does not know what the Bug Fixer is, i tell you: But, it gives some advantages, as a particular Jedi Force, low gravity, high HP value, droide mode, etc. In this latest plugin version, the “respawn” function now works without bugs. Shows the teammate s ‘s money, when you aiming a player or via a simple command.

cs team semiclip.amxx

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cs team semiclip.amxx

This plugin lets you to buy super HE grenades. This plugin adds a spark coming from sniper scope when zoomed-in. Don’t fart too much or you will lose health points too!

This plugin blocks the C4 sounds once is planted.

ZP Addon – [ZP] Team Semiclip | CS India Tech Community – Only Indian open sourced community

This plugin won’t work for CS 1. This plugin makes it possible.

Another way to play the VIP objectives. ESF Glow by Weapon. Hopefully, others will create more themes. You can also make only HLTV read chat of the living. In this latest plugin version, the “respawn” function now works without bugs.


For information, Semoclip.amxx spam are messages like that: In this mod goal is to kill your opponents, soldier!

Team Semiclip 2.0.0

Super HE grenades do a higher damage but more expensive by default. This is the same plugin as “AWP Crosshair”, but for all the snipers please do not use both plugins together.

This plugin simply allows you to control whether or not there is damage from falling to the ground. But for some reason, the “buyequip” does.

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Well, you always have the same money at each new spawn. When someone attacks you within X semiclup.amxx of seconds of round start, he will take the same damage that he is dealing to you.

All credits for the new beautiful RPG model goes to Qwertyus. You can only increase it, not decrease it. Increases the damage of the Knife. Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne EN. This plugin allows every Terrorist to receive a Bomb every round.

But improved the code, and removed cvars.

cs team semiclip.amxx

The names of the models must be different than the default ones, otherwise players won’t download them because they already have them on their computer.


The KRoT L’s version is adviced, but you are free to choose which you prefer not the both please. It can be forced to be on all the time, as well as setting custom colors for messages that come from admins. But if he releases the key inside a solid part like being blockedhe will die!

Team SemiClip

You can add a new custom sky for a specific map in your server. Shows your current speed, max speed, max ground speed. When enemy is aiming you with scope from scout or awp, you get a small red screen fade, which will mean what you was been aimed. These fakes C4s look real: That’s a great plugin to modify your hostname depends on the current mods you are running. It allows players to camp but encourages them to tem pitch a tent.