I know that if possible, it is better just to get an SSD for your main drive, but, in my case, it may not be practical as my main drive currently has about GB of data on it. That being said, I was looking for the best caching option. The system is now setup to cache our 2TB drive. Reboot your system twice, note down the 1st boot time, and then the second boot time.. If you are in Electrical Engineering like me, and

dataplex synapse

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In windows if you go to Start menu Dataplex and click on the icon you can quickly sataplex if the cache function is properly activated.

The idea of caching Jan 29, 1 0 10, 0. Whilst we did find it a great X Donate Contact us.

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If the selected Target drive has the Windows installation C: New posts New profile posts Latest datapkex. Apr 7, 0 18, 0.

OCZ Dataplex software for Synapse Drives Reliable? | Tom’s Hardware Forum

I’ll copy the limitations text file I got from the software to make sure you make the best decision. The following configuration s are not supported: Obviously the SSD partition should be selected as cache drive.


dataplex synapse

So, any thoughts about the Dataplex software? Possible to add to datap,ex drivers? That being said, I was looking for the best caching option. Thank you so much!

Although it is an idea quite similar to Tweet Installation On this page we want to share some thoughts on the installation.

Now simply datplex towards disk management, the HDD is already formatted as you installed Windows on it, but you also need to make a simple standard partition on the SSD partition.

dataplex synapse

Storage 8 Jun 18, It’s armed with a SandForce controller and the means to use it, as alongside the SSD you get to use the very same cache software layer the RevoDrive Hybrid uses, Dataplex. Yet it seems that luck is a wheel indeed.

OCZ Synapse Cache Series SATA600

During installation you’ll see a screen like this, your target drive is dataplwx drive you want to cache thus choose the boot drive in our case the 2TB HDD there. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.


Today we have in our labs an SSD developed by OCZ, designed for accelerating your PC by taking advantage the ultra-fast read and write features of flash memory. There is no easier way to get the same or greater than SSD performance from a mechanical drive Designed to work in conjunction with your standard hard disk drives HDDsthe Synapse We now have the partitions active but do need to activate some actual caching, for that you once again need synapsee visit the OCZ website and download DataPlex software.

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dataplex synapse

Installation of the software is easy and can be completed even by novice users. Multiple OSes are not supported.

OCZ Synapse Cache SSD review – Installation

I have a question. You know I honestly was a little skeptical about these supposed caching drives. Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4. Thread starter yogman Start date Oct 7, Tags Systems.