Under the supervision of Mrs. I haven’t been going crazy for new pro era tape, I feel like their previous work together sounds a bit dated and ameture but I know that this will be very good. One of the most valuable helpers was Rabbi L. Sperry, who had filled the office of president for seven years, insisted upon retiring and Mrs. The Texas Legislature defeated it.

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An Equal Suffrage League had been formed in San Francisco from a consolidation of suffrage clubs, with a large membership of men and women, Mrs.

Our country clubs and county organizations followed closely the plans recommended by the State association. By Freddie Joachim] Gibson of Little Rock would be one of the speakers and then every man who could arrange to be in town that day accepted his invitation. Heney, who never failed to include it with the others in his appeals to the voters.

Rebecca Spring, now past 90 and still alert and interested. Sperry that the affiliation had now been made was enthusiastically received. They were deeply stirred and as the Legislature was in session they asked for a hearing. The Republicans were for a “safe and sane” constitution, something like the one adopted at the same time by New Mexico, under which women never could get suffrage by State process.

The space occupied by the account of the work for the suffrage, however, made it necessary to omit them. During the present visit he spoke in the Greek Theater at the State University in Berkeley to an audience of 10, on March 25 and the San Francisco Examiner of the next morning said in its report:.



Ellington was elected president of the Little Rock League. Pitman, of Brookline, Mass.

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Run Or Fly Ft. There is no way by which the progress of the movement for woman suffrage can be so clearly seen as by a comparison of the State chapters in this volume with the State chapters in Volume IV, which closed with Deep interest had been felt in the campaign for a woman suffrage amendment carried on in Oregon during the summer and the association had wished to assist with money, organizers and speakers.

They attended in force all minor committee meetings and controlled the action of some of these committees. Clemmons; recording secretary, Mrs. Pease, who was seated in the front row, rose and answered that the women were not there for bouquets but for justice and declined their thanks.

Hughes, who had done so much to obtain woman suffrage in early territorial days, prepared and introduced such a measure but it failed in both Houses. He’s still in Pro Era. May Wright Sewall, president of the International Council of Women, came for an extended course of lectures in the interest of women’s advancement.

Although we verify the correctness of these links at the time of posting, these links may not work, for various reasons, for various people, at various times. The State Democratic convention met in Little Rock on July 10 and for the first time women delegates were present from many counties. This year the amendment was in the middle of the stream.


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Alaska Legislature gives suffrage to women — Privileges to Indian women — Other laws — Women in prohibition campaign — Women’s war work.

The association was not an important factor in the campaign. F A Rap Critic Ft. Senator Kirby and a number of prominent lawyers, all of whom were unanimous in the belief that it was constitutional. A brass band headed 36 automobiles, each a mass of banners, flags and flowers, labeled enllghtenment the order in which the States ratified.

The Executive of this Central Committee, Mrs. Related Tags hip hop hip-hop new york underground hip hop new york hip hop Add tags View all tags.

dessy hinds p.e enlightenment

It was followed by a “suffrage” school conducted by representatives of the National Association, who generously gave the valuable help that a course of study [Pg 5] under such able instructors afforded. Murasky, all men of influence.

dessy hinds p.e enlightenment

I have always told my friends that it seemed to me that no man was worth his salt who didn’t think deeply of woman’s rights and no woman was worth her salt who didn’t think more of her duties than of her rights.