Erwin retreat from Dewa reportedly triggered some of the things that supposedly can not be tolerated anymore, which is associated with management problems. Drug Addiction and splits After that in making the next album Dewa use additional music for a drummer, among others: But here their musicality tested. The album which contains 11 songs was recorded from October to May in various studios: In , Dewa 19, entered into the list of “The Immortals: Wawan position in god then replaced class brothers, Salman. Many observers believe that music is the best album ever made Dewa 19 which confirmed them as one of the most creative big band that ever existed in Indonesia.

dewa ost yamaha semakin di depan

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A year later crossed over to Pythagoras. Erwin returned officially became Bassist of dewa. Gods decided to find a replacement for Erwin and appear one name that Yuke bassist band, The Groove. Henry finally decided to come out in and joined the Outsider among others consists of Ari Lasso.

dewa ost yamaha semakin di depan

But here their musicality tested. This group has achieved success throughout the s and s through a series of songs and pop rock genre. Gods name was changed to Down Beat, taken from the name of a magazine published by American jazz. Moreover, Dewa 19, was elected as an icon of Celcom Bhd, one of Malaysia’s telecommunications giant.

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This time Dewa 19 comes with the name “Dewa” only, no frills “19”. What distinguishes the group Dewa other Surabaya when it is the color of music they play. The album is parting with Xepan Lasso Dewa 19 before finally being replaced by Once. Just everything changed when Erwin hooked fudion jazz began to introduce music of Casiopea.


نصب دوربین مدار بسته

This song was re-recorded several times, including a duet between Christophe and Sophia Latjuba in The album was released in by the record company Delta Productions and distributed by Aquarius Musikindo. Dewa began to seriously explore international market with the signing of a contract for three albums yamahs EMI Music International Hong Kong applicable as of 1 January Because the drummer ddi is still vacant, Dewa also decided to look for a replacement for Ben. The fourth album Dewa 19 berjudulPandawa Five released in Dhani, Erwin, and Andra then chestnut – wishful want like Krakatau or Karimata, two jazz groups were more famous at the time.

Erwin retreat from Dewa reportedly triggered some of the things that supposedly can not be tolerated anymore, which is associated with management problems. As a result they have to ngirit all – out, everything worked itself includes lifting and so on. The movie itself tells the story of sacrifice and desperation a rabid fan Dewa If Dhani does not retain his main band, obviously many fans that would be disappointed.

Hits were born from this album is ” Kirana “, “Kamulah satu-satunya”, and others.

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If another group likes to bring heavy metal flow property of Judas Priest or Iron Maiden, the god appears with the song – a song owned by Toto more poppy. This group has several times experienced a change of personnel and formation last before disbanded in is Ahmad Dhani keyboardsAndra Junaidi guitarOnce Mekel vocalsYuke Sampurna bass and Agung Yudha drums. Erwin decided to enter rehabilitation and boarding to eliminate bad habits.


Best Compilation by Dewa 19 Released: Rolling Stone magazine put the December edition of the album is on the order of 26 in the list of ” Best Indonesian Album”.

dewa ost yamaha semakin di depan

They have also been awarded LibForAll Award in the United States for their contributions to the quest for peace and religious tolerance. Throughout toDewa was several times invited to hold concerts in the international arena. Finally, Dhani met with Elfonda “Once” Mekel and invited to join.

This album contains the best songs Dewa 19 Ari Lasso during a vocalist, since the first album Dewa 19 to Pandawa Lima Once the name Slank fluttering their dreams changed. Apparently with 2 personnel turnover in the body of the gods to bring fresh air, with the explosion of Dewa is the fifth album. Wawan Juniarso immediately called back to turn dewa and Ari Lasso joined. Finally after a long time Erwin successfully cured and began to prepare to complete the album to 5, though only as an Additional Erwin semakln.