Totals are now treated separately. Download the source or binaries for these from the DTP project website. The chart engine and chart builder now support specifying a cursor type for interactivity. Regards Ronny [Updated on: Often applications use a duration data type to specify time intervals. Did you leave the parent classloader setting in the code after you deleted the javax. Early Bird pricing ends October 1.

eclipse birt 2.5

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Sample integration code for reports and charts. BIRT uses styles to format report content. Breadcrumbs Home Projects Forums. In an effort to continue to better support compliance, three new properties are now available on table cells headers, scope, and bookmark.

Dimension Attributes When using totals within a crosstab it is often desirable to show these totals without actually showing their detail values. The Parameter editor now provides an expression builder button to set the default value for a parameter using a JavaScript expression.

The resource folder works as a common area for a project to share content across reports. Early Bird pricing ends October 1.

eclipse birt 2.5

This download contains the source code for BIRT for this specific build. Below is a description of some of the key features that are now available in the M6 build. Table Column Page Break Script Page Level Variables and Events In addition to the new page management features BIRT now includes new page scripts that can be used in conjunction with new page variables to provide such features as individual group page numbering, first and last page contents, and page level aggregation.


For example, suppose we have crosstab that shows the number of cancelled orders for a product over time.

New and Notable Features within BIRT Milestone 7 | The Eclipse Foundation

Ronny, I believe the oda mechanism is using Xerces to parse the xml config file. This should allow users to line up multiple charts within the same report. Duration Functions Progress Monitoring Ecljpse The Report Engine API has been improved to support the implementation of an interface that allows progress information to be gleaned from the various engine tasks.

BIRT provides fully functional parameter capabilities, including dynamic parameters, where values are retrieved from a dataset to populate list and combo boxes. BIRT uses a resource folder for storing images, external hirt and report libraries. This will result in the OnCreate event only be fired once for the item and its OnPageBreak event being fired on the next page.

All Downloads: BIRT 2.5.2

To get access to the page variables the report context has been enhanced to provide getter and setter methods for the variables. Master pages can now use an SVG image for the background and support setting border properties using the advanced tab within the master page property editor. Pie Chart Coverage The chart engine and chart builder now support specifying a cursor type for interactivity. Cannot find or process the org. Many changes have been made to the designer in the way of usability and features.


I can now execute my hello world report which does basically write a hello world text field. In the following example a multi-select list parameter is shown. These include connection properties, data values, hyperlinks, and table of contents items to name a few.

The property editor has been improved to support resetting default properties and added support for listing properties by alphabetical, local, or grouped categories. Download this if you want examples of how to extend BIRT.

eclipse birt 2.5

Jason, I downloaded the Birt 2. Parameters can be required or optional and when a user does elcipse enter a value for a parameter BIRT provides the capability to use a default parameter.

Crosstab Empty Rows Time Dimension The data explorer view also feature new icons for dimension attributes, which will allow the developer to drag attributes directly into the crosstab.

All Downloads: BIRT 2.5.1

The chart engine is a stand alone library that lets you add charts to your Java application. In addition to the above advanced parameters, the engine now provides support for adding diagonal lines to cell containers.

Marker Images In order to allow the developer to control how a chart is presented, the model has been altered to allow a fixed point of thickness for the both the X-axis and Y-axis labels.

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