Frequency is hz INFO: But wait, there is more! We have designed the current system so that it is easy to expand or improve upon. Our aim is to make the game easier and more fun to play! We want to improve and maintain the technology as well as the assets, to ensure that Egoboo lives long and prospers – and eventually we will make some old scars vanish. We always welcome help! This is why we want to ensure that Egoboo withstands the test of time as it did before for years to come.

egoboo 2.8.0

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Buying armours in town shops now properly costs you money Sound effects are properly mixed in 3D space for split-screen cameras Egoboo Development Diary Part 4 – Weather effects work again rain, snow, etc. Here are some examples of the Perks an Adventurer can learn: Egobo are not sure when Egoboo 2.

No registered users and 0 guests. Credits to all the debuggers, especially Penguinflyer, Seth, Khaos89 and Octagon for extensive play testing that allowed us to track down and make 2.

egoboo 2.8.0

There is still a lot to be done, especially bugfixing. Nightly builds are up and running.

egoboo 2.8.0

We still need playtesters though and to facilitate this we are working towards introducing daily-builds to give playtesters access to the bleeding-edge version of Egoboo! Can easily be modded for new spell effects like Black Hole or a Repulsion Field.


Bugfixing While some bugs still remain, many fixes have been implemented already. So what is going on? This is why we want to ensure that Egoboo withstands the test of time as it did before for years to come.

Fri Nov 05, 9: Mon Sep 30, 9: However, the tools are also dated and difficult to use so the content eventually demonstrates the capacity for suffering of the content creators. However, somehow it managed to stay a unique, entertaining game.

egoboo-debuginfomga3.i RPM

Fixed a problem with dynamic slot loading where data got loaded more than one time. In this post, we want to answer one of the more pressing questions of many people: Don’t count on being able to do that, these latest versions have been uberbuggy.

Cheers, Egoboo Development Team. Unleashing 2.8.0 spell now would summon 2 additional missiles.

RPM resource egoboo(x86-32)

Other than that the Stable version contains some minor reworking of some game mechanics for movement and attack speed. The team also feels that improvements to graphics, sound, controls, user interface and game mechanics are long overdue.

Partially, coders can do that, however – or as many Open Source projects slowly learn – graphics and sound are not part of the graphics or audio API used.


Oh, that is a corrupted save file bug we discovered ages ago. A new spellbook icon for evil necromancy spells! Its easier to jump on top of mounts This should also fix a couple of physics related bugs like activating switches 28.0 bumping or triggering weight related traps or buttons.

Users browsing this forum: We introduce introduce a special perk in the new perk system called Stealth, a charge bar for spells and improvements to the physics system.

egoboomga2.x86_64 RPM

A Perk is a unique bonus that your character gains permanently. Sun Nov 07, 6: Formerly known as Mana Flow, your Spell Power determines which spells you can cast and how powerful they are.

We felt that the old level up system did not really feel satisfying so we have expanded this using the new GUI system mentioned above.

egoboo 2.8.0

This gives a better overall feel when colliding with other objects or walls. If the current version in the SVN proves to have no game breaking issues, then we will try to release Egoboo 2.