We will provide the track number to you when we send the products out. Are any tools able to read, and write, flash of 78f? I went to the web site but it’s a little confuse. Fast shipping and good price too. Thanks Mario for your replay, so Do I must put the ground in 2 places??

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Hi I know, but on these days my R dead, I have not choice, but I am using xprog 5. Or maybe I am just stupid I just haven’t tried one but it won’t work if you don’t have the script from Penko.

It also wont let you change End address to FFF. You comments are always we lcomed and very important in our long-term business corporation. Failed on chips that the old one also failed on, does not seem any better or worse than original UPA. Read original Flash Main Array 3. And HW test is completly failed.

Just won’t read with new upa As a h thanks. When I buy upa orig, penko told me to buy from ecuvonix, so buy from ecuvonix they have also good quality cables adapters etc I have instaled bad version of usb driver.


Hi all I have a uusp s original with scripts e,rasoft 3 adapters from tomsad i used one time for testing If any one interested make offer by pm I am not in elrrasoft for it Regards. I replaced the cable, replace the adapters, soldering contacts, loaded software on another computer, try elrrasoft directly with wires, no differenceYou know what i have learned over the years?

I try read via 3-wire and UART connection, but without success. I tried on cas 2 and it works: I am looking for a in circuit programmer and not really wanting to lift pins. Did you manage to read the Cas2? China key programmer China tech 2 programmer China eeprom programmer kit.

programmer SI826XSDIP6-KIT development system elrasoft upa usb programmer v1.2

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Many thanks Best Regards.

Thanks, elrasoft site wasn’t clear on it at all, although maybe different for ROM If you don’t do it you want be able to program it fully. Wat the pins on the upa. We will send the goods within 2 days after buyer’s payment. I have already ordered it! I have bought it from ecuvonix but don’t receive reply from them many thanks in advance. When open the sw and just open any taget device by two or more windows. With tapatalk good work but original key and coding dealer cost euro.


I can confirm this what Mario3 wrote. China eprom programmer China car remote programmer China car key remote programmer. If I try to read a mc9s12h with new upa it reads all FF even if I manually set freq.


It’s the right tool for the job. So you can use carprotool, xprog, smok or penko images as for pinouts. Bro if you know elrasof this is XCLK why ask about it? Contact penko, he Will send you. MCU shows me only “F”.