In some cases, the dialog box would disappear as well. Page 19 Rev. Page 34 Rev. December 5, The following is a list of changes and fixes in this release. Page 12 Rev. Additionally, GC2 will make a backup copy of the current project when the user performs a manual file save.

extron global configurator 3

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Currently, this feature does not export the serial and IR drivers used in the project. Related manuals Current Version.

Extron Electronics – Global Configurator Professional

Updated Driver Subscription Interface — The driver subscription service has been updated. Users are not permitted to enter these characters when renaming a GlobalViewer location folder.

If you will configure convigurator IPCP at the installation site, Extron recommends using the driver subscription function within Global Configurator to download drivers for all manufacturer and device types before you go out into the field. Page 52 Rev.

Application Name: Current Version: Global Configurator (GC) |

It includes a quick reference to the front and rear panel features, and covers basic hardware installation and how to set the IP address of the unit using the ARP command. Page 23 Rev. This help file, included with the software, covers basic setup steps and includes examples of how to use the basic tabs in GC and step by step instructions for typical configuration tasks.


May 1, The following is a list of changes and fixes in this release. Make modifications to your configuration and re-upload to the target devices without needing to locate missing driver files. GC2 will now remove the leading zero. IP addresses, subnet mask, and e-mail addresses follow standard naming and numbering protocol.

Backward compatibility — Global Configurator version 3. Fixed Issue originated in v2. Configurations with the older. Page 13 Rev.

Application Name: Current Version: Global Configurator (GC)

ANY version of configuration software listed above is incompatible and will cause damage to the product. Please see the System 5 IP Firmware 2. Added Feature — Range level tracking on TouchLink encoder knob — The TouchLink encoder knob can optionally track changes to a range driver function, eliminating sharp changes in volume when two control points are used. GC2 will now alert the user if the application can not obtain write access to the Shared Documents folder Public Documents in Windows Vista.

extron global configurator 3

Added Feature — Additional levels of GlobalViewer locations — The number of location folder levels has been increased to 8 versus 3 in previous GC2 builds.

The user can select the switcher model and configure the audio and video settings. Saving edtron configuration is recommended before you perform a firmware upgrade.


Once the slave switcher is connected to an MLC IP, it will upload the device settings and the configuration files. Page 47 Rev. Added Feature — Display driver type summary now available from Location Summary — Configurrator for the Display driver type are now available when viewing a Location Summary. Touchpanel actions deleted when copying touchpanels — Some crosstouchpanel button actions are deleted from both the source and destination touchpanels during touchpanel copy.

Extron Electronics – Global Configurator Download (Free)

This issue would happen more often on slower networks, such as a 10BaseT, due to packet loss or latency. Page 2 Rev. Page 34 Rev. Issue originated in v2.

extron global configurator 3

For download via serial connections, downloaded Device Configuration Files may be incomplete — A configuration downloaded via the serial connection will not import the GlobalViewer configuration information that refers to other devices in that configuration. If you are unable to upgrade firmware, continue to ocnfigurator GC 2.

This issue has been resolved.