I moved the contents from that folder to the 2. It comes from the Gimp 2. I have 64 bit When you get to the install location in the MathMap installer package make sure to remove the. Mon Sep 30, Or it will not work.

gimp mathmap plugin

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Index Top 10 Resources: That is all there is to it. I installed it exactly like I did on mine and it simply will NOT work.

Mathmap – GIMP LEARN

Worked for me mackenziel. Who is online Users browsing this forum: Guessing you looked at the video, someone has, but did not grasp the essentials.

gimp mathmap plugin

It won’t even show up on my filter list. The MM Instsall folder has 3 folders inside 1 bin-folder place files in bin folder 2 mathmap-folder place entire folder in. The whole folder mathmap goes in your Gimp profile folder C: Personally I would search for the lost file and copy it to the plugin folder. Mon Jun 19, I will try the registry and see if I can find it, Thank you Issabella. I tried totally reinstalling mathmath from the above site, and this is what I get. It should have worked.


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Yeah, that’s the way I did it the mahmap time. Gms I am attaching the 32bit Install guide containing all necessary folders and files to install mathmap in your 2.

gimp mathmap plugin

No registered users and 2 guests. I’m claiming to have looked in every possible place but obviously I have not since I haven’t found it.


Thu Jan 19, Thank you again Pat and Rich, got it now!!! Any help resolving this issue, would be helpful.

My wife has finally taken an interest in gimp so I’ve been setting gimp up on her laptop. I have 64 bit It comes from the Gimp 2.

gimp mathmap plugin

I moved the contents from that folder to the 2. There is varying advice on how to install but this is mine, nothing clever. Sorry, I should have said in my first post that I tried it both ways.

On mine that worked fine but on hers it doesn’t work. Ah, I have all the others in that group but I don’t have the mathmap. I have it loaded. Nancy, try this site: Conbagui, I have tried this with 64 many times and I get this error: Lessons Questions Exercises The Arts: Thank you Pat and Rich, I followed your tutorial but it’s still not coming up.


I really want to get the most I can for her, anybody have this problem, hat being installling mathmap on 2.