Finally, the icon indicate that all device are ready to ue. This document is intended to make you familiar with the ServersCheck Monitoring Appliance ServersCheck Monitoring Appliance Quick Overview This document is intended to make you familiar with the ServersCheck Monitoring Appliance Although it is possible, we highly recommend not to install other More information. Maybe then we hall have olvable deciion problem and till be able to accomplih ome computational tak. In the Privilege Level ection, check Run thi program a an adminitrator. In the reulting dialog box point to the Sytem variable ection and pre the New button. If the HC25 module i intended to be inerted into more than one device take care that the ma torage alway contain the latet driver.

hc25 connection manager

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Installation instructions Rev 06 GSM base station Installation instructions Output string format Baud rate bps Parity none Data bits 8 Stop bits 1 Flow control none The output string is a modified version of the Sureguard More information.

HC25 Connection Manager – Software Informer.

HC25 doe not how up a removable dik If the HC25 i not viible a removable dik ma torage device when connected and witched on the firt time, it i poible that the computer i configured to earch the Internet for Window update. See alo Section 3. No part of this publication More information.


All hidden virtual HC25 device are lited now. Caridi 1 and A.

Pre Cancel to abort the earch. The drop-down menu how PPP: Tap Into Smartphone Demand: No part of this publication. Therefore, do not copy or unpack the file into one folder only.

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The New Hardware Found wizard pop three time, prompting you to intall the following device: Thi will deactivate the ma torage functionality, and the intallation will proceed. If you need to operate the HC25 from both interface at a time, bear in mind that both are handled by the ame AT command interpreter.

The HC25 Connection Manager etup i completed. Only the two file file hc25uber. The intallation will proceed automatically. Double-click the dial-up network connection icon in the ytem tray.

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The intaller will tart to prepare the intallation. If not required, you may leave all boxe empty. To unintall the program imply remove the “conman.

With ewon and evcom software, you can achieve.

In the reulting connection tatu dialog pre the Diconnect button. The application i the tarting point toward. A a conequence, many corporation. When opened the firt time or after diabling the adapter, the litbox may be empty. The intallation of the Siemen Connection Manager will tart and, at the ame time, the compoite device driver oftware will be preintalled.


hc25 connection manager

Take gentle care that all pin are aligned correctly, then pre down evenly on the adapter board until it i firmly eated. To make a mobile originated voice call enter ATD, type the detination number and add a emicolon. In thi cae, pleae top the ma torage function manually. The parameter i tored non-volatile.

hc25 connection manager

Be careful to change only the tring lited below. No parts of this work may be reproduced in any form or by any means – graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording. Mount the HC25 module upide down onto the pin board-to-board connector of manaber adapter board.

The purpoe of thi ection i to decribe how to unintall HC25 component in uch cae. No part of this publication may be used, reproduced, photocopied, transmitted or stored in.