On some motherboards this can also be called legacy or enhanced, if you are presented with this you want to set it to legacy. This means, depends of your OS and usage pattern the drive will reach it’s designed lifetime in very short time. It asked me for my serial number for my xbox. BIN if you are hacking a gb drive. BIN Explanation of the Parameters [C D F R] – this will set the mode of operation, it is recommended to first try to dump the XBOX hard drive data, if the dump will fail, it is highly unlikely that a flash or restore will succeed on the Western Digital drive [PORT] – the port to which the Hard Drive is connected, a port number should always be entered in hexadecimal and have 4 hex digits, valid ports are: How to use HddHacker supports two flashing modes, Auto and Manual.

hddhackr v1.4

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So if you have such mainboard that uses this hhddhackr, do not have the a hard drive powered on during BIOS detection, it will break XBOX compatibility. To disable timer type 0 seconds. BIN’ and save it to the path you’ve started HddHacker from.


Hddhackr V Build | MaxConsole

Will this tool allow me to connect a GB drive to my x? I had an 8 gig thumb drive. On some motherboards this can also be called legacy or enhanced, if you are presented with this you want to set it to legacy.

Dec hdrhackr, Messages: Say yes to this: Firmware restore file e.

Hddhackr V1.40 Build 20130303

Share This Page Tweet. If the hard drive is misflashed you will be prompted with: I just did this it worked out pretty well. Feb 25, 1, 0 Philadelphia. But both paid and free DRM protected media only plays in like 10 second chunks.

use any hard drive in you xbox 360 slim

Tried an old xbox 1st gen game and it didn’t work. You should get Status 0x50 and the drive will be reflashed.

After formatting is complete you are able to begin using it. As of version 1.

hddhackr v1.4

BIN’ file that you need if you want to undo the hack and flash your firmware back to the original state. I have disconected all other drives for this operation. In manual mode you can enter all the parameters used for flashing by hand. Feb 25, 0 Czech Republic. The transfer cables are free if you order them from microsoft and a spare 20 gig drive in a case is american on ebay usually.


By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Installation It is also possible to use your hacked drive in the new Xbox slim, with the slim you are not required to insert yddhackr hard drive in any enclosure, you can simply connect it to the hddhaclr. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Does anyone else have a problem playing any DRM protected media files off a hddhackr modified hdd?

Dec 21, Messages: No, create an account now. You can use bigger HDD’s, but you can’t use more than the size stated in sector I then swaped the drives to the spare 20 gig which had my data backed up on it and used the transfer cable.

hddhackr v1.4

Note, times between However, you can restore it to 40GB anytime you want with the restore option. I forgot to set a backup image in xplorer This will create an ‘UNDO.