Part of Kurek Creatures mod. New war machine in Necropolis. Needs WoG mod enabled. In random maps Castle towns have different view depending on terrain on which they stand. Adds two new tower heroes who can upgrade golems to gold and diamond form. You can play both Bastion and Pavillion town at once, but it’s better to disable Bastion. Also, new hero with Plague Tent specialty is added too.

heroes iii vcmi

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Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Adittionally, they get back their lost power – 2-hex shoot ray from their eye! Prepare for the weirdest mod EVER!

Kuririn, Witchking, Hobbit, Trith, Axolotl, itsjustme. Creature bonus icons, Extra resolutions and Default templates.

heroes iii vcmi

The flashing frame in wog trees animation is fixed, for a more consistent looking, non-flashing. Note that on S sized maps this settings will make AI very hard or almost impossiblle to beat.

Ban all factions creatures, heroes, towns and creature banks form original game. Cyclops instead of loosing turn when blinded, they go mad and become Berserk influenced. Here are a few silent. Needs WoG vcmii enabled.


The Tides of War

Mod creates neutral heroes class called Drifter. But don’t think battle should be easy as cake – if you dare to enter Abaddon Column, better gather quite big army! Heries mod adds Tarnum as a playable hero for Cove Captain. Defs are taken from various def banks. Drifter can be hired in Tavers, but can’t chosen as starting heroes. Require WoG mod to run.

How to install modifications for VCMI – Heroes Wake of Gods Portal

During siege, commanders help with battle from the turrets. Minotaur Kings will cast Frenzy spell on all Minotaurs when they get deprived of their positive morale bonus. If you have HoMM 3 installed in other language than english, this mod change your local files into english. New town based on Romanian folkrole. No WoG mod needed! Mod vcmk 25 undead creatures with their own dwellings.

New version of Bastille town renamed as Highlands with new townscreen and small changes in line-up. Otherwise crashes game it’s a feature: Mod changes backgrounds in select map window renew every time you restart Heroes and load screen.


Most of them have own dwelling. Instead of healing, Plague Tent can cast Desease and Poison. Mod adds new Rampart hero and all Centaurs under his command start to shoot!

heroes iii vcmi

Now with new Anubian graphics. Five alternative grids on the battlefields. New war machine in Necropolis. All of them can be hired or spotted on random maps, some of them also on custom maps!

Axolotl creatures pack by Axolotl. In order to play, Cove town mod must be enabled! There is no need to activate newly installed mods – heores mods not present in list of loaded mods will be considered as newly installed and will be enabled on start.

heroes iii vcmi

Adds two new tower heroes who can upgrade golems to gold and diamond form.