So far the install has gone well. By tech posted November 29th , 1: All in all very functional software for a reasonable price. As long as you have internet access, you can get on the air. Should better have saved my money for something else. I tried to use Pc remote to re-initialize but found that windows then installs its sound drivers knocking out completely the codec sound drivers.

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Icom RS-BA1 IP Remote Control Software Suite – HamFiles

Hi, I’m getting a beautiful red exclamation point error when attempting to download this file. IC By ldanf52 posted September 13th1: By MexicoSix posted Sogtware 30th Trending, Past 7 days No. Hytera Rs-bw1 By flyinryan85 2 comments Last post: Worked flawlessly on my Machine, after updating each one of the enclosed updates to bring it up to ver 1. Several separate windows for CW keyer settings, voice memory, SSB passband settings for both transmit and receive, and filter settings.


It is version 1. A major learning curve is involved to get it all working and operating correctly.

July 06, in: Motorola Radio Equipment fo…. System configuration software sets up IP address, audio sampling rate and other settings.

Low latency provides the same operational experience as using an actual radio plus high quality audio over an IP network. Please use the latest firmware version of the transceiver. This way you can also cnotrol other’s ‘s with your data. I’m go donate forum for download the software. By Biscou posted October 26th5: Then I could restart the program.

Icom Software

I purchased this software with the Icom RS-BA 1which gained popularity by being able to operate many of our machines such as the flagship machine IC from a PC via IP, will be released as a new version with more various functions.

Search Downloads Search Use inverted comas to refine your search. To mitigate failure I have done the following: Connecting to the IC A very useful upload!


App – Mobile No comments. September 27, Installation is a breeze. Unfortunately this software does not support the most important featers of the IC, and does not support satellite mode at all.

Port Forwarding is an area that needs to be set on your router, those not comfortable with this can get a knowledgeable friend to set this actually pretty simple.

New release of IP remote control software RS-BA1 Version 2

July 31, No comments. The link it’s ok? I tried to use Pc remote to re-initialize but found that windows then installs its sound drivers knocking out completely the codec sound drivers. If you find an error in this or sottware other listing please let us know via the comment section for the appropriate download.