An optional command-line script file. The self-extracting packages created with IExpress have inherent vulnerabilities which allow arbitrary code execution because of the way they handle their installation command and their command line processing. EXE or a compressed Cabinet. April 14, at United States English Sign in.

iexpress wizard 2.0

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In the Options area, select the options that you want for the package, and then click Next. Wixard the System32 folder of your Windows, you will see an application called IExpress. This page was last edited on 18 Marchat When you run the IExpress Wizard, you can start with an existing.

IExpress – Wikipedia

Send comments about this topic to Microsoft. After installation, IExpress automatically removes the setup files, saving the user time. Retrieved from ” https: Such packages can be used to install software. Using its step-by-step wizard, IExpress 2.

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On the Package Name and Options page, enter the target path and filename name for the installation package. This is a iexprrss a good post. July 2, at 8: The IExpress Wizard can also help you carry out specialized installations of your customized browser package, such as determining whether the computer needs to be restarted after installation.


iexpress wizard 2.0

January 14, at 6: Iedpress the License agreement page, select the license option that you want for the package, and then click Next.

It can also be used from the command line Windows Command Prompt or batch file to create custom installation packages, eventually unattended automated operation:. United Eizard English Sign in. January 8, at It creates a self-extracting executable. On the Confirmation prompt page, select No promptand then click Next. On the Welcome to IExpress 2.

IExpress 2.0 and its Command Line switches

IExpressa component of Windows and later, is used to create self-extracting packages from a set of files. IExpress Wizagd interface guides the user through the process of creating a self-extracting package. On the Install Program to Launch page, if you do not need to supply a command-line script file to create a subdirectory structure, type DPInst. On the Configure restart page, select if and how you want a computer to restart after the end of the installation program and whether the user will be prompted before the restart, and then click Next.

This file is required because Oexpress Wizard does not maintain the subdirectory structure of the files that you add to the installation program. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Wizarv.


EXE can be used for distributing self-contained installation packages INF -based setup executables to multiple local or remote Windows computers.

If you need to supply a command-line script file to create a subdirectory structure, add the command-line script file.


This tool allows you to create an executable file around your script so that you can distribute it as a. The setup program can be an. They include compressed files that uncompress with a double-click. On the Package purpose page, select Extract files and run an installation commandand then click Next.

iexpress wizard 2.0

EXE or a compressed Cabinet. On the Save Self Extraction Directive page, select whether you want to save a file that contains the options you selected for the installation package for later use, and then click Next.

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