How Not to Solve the Problem… Now, where were we? It is the “Sample Table Chunk Offset” table, and here is what iTunes and every other player uses to find chunks of data in the file. The uuid form allows for user-extensible setting of arbitrary metadata. You can have for example 3 title tags, but 1 in english, 1 in spanish, 1 in undefined. Enough for a few extra songs.

itms scrubber

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Scrubber: Itms Scrubber

When you rip the song from the CD, you are once again putting the file through a lossy compression format when it turns into a. To further test this out, I took a folder of the ‘un-scrubbed’ files and the ‘scrubbed’ files and took a look at the properties of each.

If you’re copying a lossy file to non-lossy AIFF, that’s pretty much the same. I bought the damn tune, but someday I may want to sell it hey, how is it more stupid that selling old CDs? Admittedly, you could rip the CD into a lossless format, like.

With the exception of artwork, all iTunes-style tags support only 1 piece of metadata – you can’t have for example 3 title tags. Just as a gold or carbon atom have particular characteristics, each atom name has specific characteristics.

No, but I don’t care if any purchased songs have my name embedded in them, because I don’t give them away. Also present are copyright notices on track 1 and at movie level on the cprt atom. In searching for a way to strip my iTunes downloads of this information, I ran into a lot of bad solutions. You can have for example 3 title tags, but 1 in english, 1 in spanish, 1 in undefined. There is a program called Privatunes that claims to scrub all of this personally identifiable information from your downloaded songs.


Both of these methods remove some personally identifiable information, but not all of it. Not shown is that it can also be set in utf8 or utf16 and there can be 1 or more differing in the language setting. Now, obviously, I’m wise enough to know that this will not give me any better sound quality to a file that has already been degraded from the original encoding.

Question about re-encoding Tunes AAC’s

If you go to their website and try to download it, you get directed to a page that does not seem to contain any Privatunes download! In fact, due to the way that mp4tags works, if your mdat atom comes after your moov atom, mp4tags will duplicate the moov atom at the end which means moving mdat ahead of moovmodify the tags and then NULL out the original moov into a free atom.

Over the span of dozens of files Do you already have an account?

itms scrubber

This atom is different from an iTunes-style metadata tag in a number of ways. SckottMay 7, Using the free space dynamically is beneficial for rapid changing of tags, but as seen in this faac example tagged by mp4tags:.


To see some of this data open up iTunes and right-click on scrubbsr song you have bought from the iTunes store. Okay, feeling a little silly right now.

itms scrubber

Be aware that if you alter the tags using another program iTunes or something based on mpeg4ip’s libmp4v2 like mp4tagsthere will probably be a re-appearance of free atoms.

Additionally, in the above tree you will see a stco atom for each track.


Am I still a child who needs his pencilcase and schoolbag tagged with my name? Thus, the files are small in size, but this comes at the expense of removing some audio data. For example a moov atom is a parent atom with no content except other atoms. It is based on this major file brand that AtomicParsley allows a style of metadata to be set. If you are a what.

Not a good idea. Now, where were we? You can download version 2. When iTunes came out with DRM-free music downloads, we all celebrated maybe I scrubbber the only one at the party…. But just because the files are now DRM-free, does not mean that they lack personally identifiable information.