Because, I have installed new gallery component “Focagallery”. Wrong display of Thickbox3 in IE9. The column ‘published’ was added. A backup of the file system and the database is strongly recommended before you start an installation or update. This article will guide you through all the steps that have to be done for migrating the gallery successfully:.

joomgallery 1.5.7

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Search field and category filter added.

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Board index All times are UTC. It is very interesting how they can fix this issue. I mean it is new version problems. Otherwise, please copy in the corresponding values from the configuration manager of the old JoomGallery 1.57.

Have fun with the new version of JoomGallery. In case that you are still using previous versions you have to update them first.

joomgallery 1.5.7

For that, please click joomgalelry ‘Manage’ in extension manager of Joomla! Therefore, a complete backup of the filesystem and the database tables is indispensable.

JOOM::GALLERY – JoomGallery

Project or Open Source Matters. The column ‘published’ was added. Surely this is the most important step for joomgalleey whole migration. With that it will be checked whether a migration is possible. If you also migrated the users joomgalllery Joomla! I think that problem on joomla side.


Ajax Pagination in MiniJoom the popup window for selection of images. Fixes Using the arrow keys within opened Shadowbox Plugin closes the box.

New Tab ‘Search’ in configuration manager to configure the search view.

joomgallery 1.5.7

Installation joommgallery migration script Step 5: The migration from JoomGallery 1. This article will guide you through all the steps that have to be done for migrating the gallery successfully:.

After the installation please enable the offline mode of Joomla! Sitemap Team Login Imprint Credits. This would be possibly later on in maintenance manager, too. Thus it is possible to search also in translated contents of JoomGallery.

For pagination in all views CSS tags and classes were added. Thanks to everyone who tried to help. If the migration ends with a message of success all categories, images, comments, name tags, votes, favourites and many parts of the configuration were transfered successfully. Finally, please start a check in migration manager to ensure that actually everything is alright.


Migration from JG 1. The datebase tables of the old gallery are now waste because the image files were moved away and should be deleted. And, not a Joomla problem after all. The tooltips in image and category overview were improved.

Jomgallery option to disable the default detail view if it is not used in the gallery. In accordance with the preconditions the images are now on the same server than the Joomla! Installation is okay but when I have created new category and want to enter to this category from site as user, I can see this error: