Is there any way to fix this or did I overlook something? I have to write all javascript entrances in header. If true, then width, height, columns options are ignored. The id of the element to put the remainder of the content doneFunc optional: Columnizer is ignorant of the width option you may set to force your resulting columns width, according to docs: And then I try to columnise the text. I tried to implement it on a page and split the content into two columns, it does not seems to work if the content width is less than px.


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Anyone that has had similar problems? I shall be using this on many of my projects from now on.


I use a trick with the commit 1. Anybody else seen this?


However, he is not a tekky, so expecting him to understand how to code classes and such would be stretch. Hi Adam any idea why it is not working in IE. It seems adding a display: Sets a static number of columns to build, regardless of widget.

On larger pages like the page 2 link jquery.colummnizer.js I start reading the page but it quickly reformats so I have to start reading from the beginning again. Skip to content Columnizer The Columnizer jQuery Plugin will automatically layout your content in newspaper column format.


Thanks for all the work! The image is not showing…. After however many columns it needs, a second lot of content starts with a width of say px. You can now close the developer tools window, and all subsequent loads will work as well. Hey Adam, I tried using onresize jquery.oclumnizer.js work out the height, but performance was a patchy, so let it go.

jQuery Columnizer Plugin Examples

One question — is there any way to just use the vertical overflow columnizer function, without chopping it up horizontally? This seems to mess with the math and sometimes results in different renderings.

In my new blog http: This looks really nice. Hello and thx for this great plugin that i use http: Dynamisches Mehrspaltenlayout mit jQuery Benny vs. Remove all paddings in the code 2. Helpful Hints You can specify a rough width your columns, and Columnizer will create as many as will fit in the browser window. The older release jquery.colmnizer.js to add a 3px padding and slightly under estimate column widths. Hi your plugin is great.

jQuery Columnizer Plugin Examples

See CSS for jquery.columnier.js 5 for an example on how to create buffer between columns. In fact I just added doneFunc option. I think, however is my css, it must never loop like this.


I added a bit of jQuery so that my column fills the full width of the space until it contains too many list items, at which point your plugin kicks in and separates the list into two half-width columns.

Hi This jquery.coumnizer.js is perfect, but I need the columns to break at some point instead of being all the same.

Do you know if there is a way of merging jquery.columnizwr.js Columnizer with a paginating script? Just for kicks i took out the tag at the top of my file and it works!! Thanks so much for this amazing plugin. Does this plugin strips out scripts if the content you want to columnize contains a script such as AdSense scripts? I juqery.columnizer.js nested lists that I need to columnize, and would like to be able to define dontsplit on the children of the elements which form the headers.

Or do i always have to have at least two p-tags or others?