I updated all our sites to indicate that we now run on iOS as well e. If you navigate to folder you specified as the destination, you should see the following folder structure:. Looking forward to the new 3D API. If you just want to test your stuff in the simulator, get the evaluation license. Note that you should probably interface the Swarm API so your desktop project continues to work. Xcode , you can get that from the Mac OS X app store.

libgdx 0.9.8

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Note that you should probably interface the Swarm API so your desktop project continues to work. Right click in the project view, then select Add Files or something similar and link your new assets.

libgdx 0.9.8

Oh yeah, one more thing you are going to need of course is LibGDX itself! So, what about iOS. Any ideas on how to get that to work? So basically LibGDX is pretty much a one stop game development library. Stay on the simulator most of the time. You should then see a list of available projects, all of which should be checked.


Android Daydream supporta contribution by talklittle! Outstanding work, as always! I am not going into specifics about how to install all of these, however I went into pretty extreme detail in these instructions for setting up Ligdx that cover most of the Eclipse related configuration. Read this post on getting started.

Big thanks to Noblemaster and Gemserk who led this effort! Go check them out and support them!

Index of /old-site/releases/

With Select Root Directory checked, click Browse and navigate to the folder you chose as a destination earlier. Like it or not, if you are working with Android, Eclipse is still the path of least resistance. Just open up any Java file from your core project in MonoTouch and set a breakpoint! You can download it here.

libgdx 0.9.8

Prefer emulating the Intel Atom chipset, it runs much faster. Fetching things via HTTP should work on all backends. Xcodeyou can get that from the Mac OS X app store. I am no huge fan of Eclipse and you have other options like NetBeans instructions or IntelliJ libgdxxbut they are the less supported and slightly more complicated route.

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Some Java runtime classes are not available, this mostly concerns the java. Awesome work, thanks to Mario 0.98 everyone who contributed! MonoTouch does not pick up changes to those files and will hence assume the last build is up-to-date. Or better yet, get a real device. Adding this to the proguard config does the trick: Thanks a ton to Team Gemserk for libgdx mavenizer and all their help with this!.


Index of /old-site/releases/

Locate your project main, then click OK. Or you could just use Firefox. Minor changes to the Livewallpaper API. I was trying to register to the forum, but my answer to the antibot question fails every time: This series is going to look at all of those aspects of LibGDX eventually.

You have 3 options: The emulator is notoriously fragile, you will come to hate it quickly. Once all that is installed, you can libgrx the gdx-setup-ui to create the core, desktop, android, html5 and ios projects. The trial allows you to test in unlimited time?