Archived from the original on September 23, Favorite cards were reduced in number from 6 to 4. The player’s Link Power that they give is determined to their accomplishments in the game. Players will encounter enemies in the virtual Wave World and battle them on three-by-five battle grids with their Battle Card deck. Trademarks listed on our pages belong to their designated owner s. Geo wakes up to find out that Solo had saved him.

megaman starforce 2 zerker x ninja

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MegaMan StarForce 2 Zerker X Ninja

Rated By Our Customers. She asks Le Mu to use the last of his powers to drop Mu from the sky and crush the Earth below. His prayers reach Altair who tells Vega to not seek revenge on the world and instead lead a starforcee life.

When players are in rogue form, Brotherbands with their friends will end.

MegaMan StarForce 2 Zerker X Ninja

There are three different classes of Cards ranked by their power and rarity; Standard, Mega, and Giga with being able to choose a number of favorite cards to send over Nintendo Wi-fi Connection. Anyone who loves it will continue to love it, and for anyone who’s sick of the formula, this isn’t the game to change your mind. I think this This is when zerkfr series was almost getting bland and recycling it’s gameplay but this game is still enjoyable while I played it. Please note that opinions expressed in any review are those of our customers and do not necessarily match those of the Play-Asia.


Heat is weak against aqua but strong against wood, aqua is weak against elec but strong against heat, elec is weak against wood but strong against aqua, and wood is weak against heat but strong against elec. One day, Geo and his friends decide to travel to the technological hub of Wilshire Hills in IFL City, where they witness a new niinja known as the Star Carrier at work.

Vega in the process, but dies. Aggregate scores Aggregator Score GameRankings.

To have us tracking down your wanted items, we need you to login or create an account. All Auto-tribes will last until the game is reset or turned off. If a brother card from the same tribe is ninj, the roulette of the brother’s favorites will occur instead. The game was first confirmed on April 12, in an issue of CoroCoro Comic.

Trademarks listed on our pages belong to their designated owner s.

megaman starforce 2 zerker x ninja

Archived from the original on If you played and enjoyed the first MegaMan Star Force, you’ll find more of the same fun here. After fusing with Phantom, Hyde becomes Dark Phantom.

Mega Man Star Force 2: Zerker x Ninja FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for DS – GameFAQs

The player can also use their standard Mega Buster at any time to combat with, and upgrade items for Omega-Xis can ninua collected throughout the game to increase the Mega Buster’s rate, power, and charge speed.


I think this game is great.

megaman starforce 2 zerker x ninja

Mega Man Star Force 2 blends a unique formula of RPG exploration elements with fast-paced action, as players travel and battle between coexisting worlds, the physical world and the virtual Wave World, to unravel the mystery around aerker new troublemaker.

Mega Man has to defeat them in order to rescue the human from the enemy UMA’s control. List of Mega Man Star Force characters. Mega Man’s life is a simple ” Hit point ” HP numerical system.

The Star Carrier is able to take radio waves and transform them into material objects, known as Matter Waves. Retrieved from ” https: However, he did not have Altair’s memories; he was merely a hollow shell who nonetheless served Vega faithfully hence the name “Hollow”.

Mega Man Star Force 2: Zerker x Ninja

However Giga cards can still be used in Rogue form. In a similar format to Mega Man Battle Network 5: Zerker X Ninja ds reviews”. This item is currently unavailable. Additionally, while explanations of these cards are listed in the Table of Contents as being on page 9, the explanations do not appear at all. Player also get to keep their Brotherbands. They’re all the same game pretty much … Expand.