And you, north-americans, don’t come to say that we are being bad! Maybe it is good for you to do a research on country where drugs are legalized and about drug users and what they go thru.. And maybe not too late. Just remember that Brazil is not Rio de Janeiro. I for one want an even more aggressive stance from the police and totally eliminate these cancerous drug gangs. I really hope that this never happened to you and will never happen to you.

meu vicio e voce alcione

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The people of Rio De Janeiro are sick and tired of these drug gangs and inaction of the government to rid our city of them. WOOW fotos impresionantes, creo que es el tipo de violencia que se vive en Mexico hoy en Dia, solamente que parece que tienen mejor fuerza de Reaccion aya en Brazil que en mexico. This is just a place Complexo do Alemao.

meu vicio e voce alcione

I couldn’t agree more. The traffickers stills working, killing, and voxe here in Brazil knows and let them work free. These people lives are more important.

Sou Brasileira e Carioca com orgulho. In parallel we must fight for the good education system, that the only way to achieve a peaceful coexistence among individuals of a society. We do have poor people, we do have problems, we do have traffickers and robbers, there’s no perfect place in the world. Esta es la Ignorancia generada por los politicos y las instancias del control del orden mundial que existe en el mundo ; matar o morir por la gracia de ideas anacronicas que veiculizan esas voluntades.


Business is business and the show must go on. As a matter viccio fact, favelas slums – almost exclusively, after all this “power” is not vooce to beaches in Ipanema, for example – have been dominated by a so-called “parallel power”, which gets in constant confrontation with police and military forces.

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For a long time people just sucked it up and dealt with it because they couldn’t afford to live anywhere else or they were denied a condo or apartment for other reasons, but it seems now more people in the favelas feel empowered and believing that together with the support of the government and police they can actually bring tranquility and peace to their communities.

Unfortunately, it looks like and maybe it really is some kind of civil war all over the city. Most Americans are not in favor of it. This is just for show. These are solutions to another problem.

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It is a shame that the violence in Rio revolves around drugs, it is an eternal war between the drug dealers and the police. Piacere, Lorenzo from Naples, I want that police in my town too.

This operation wasn’t a victory. We’ll start the music back up once you go through this security check. Those criminals are just like termites Asi politicos y otros mercadores quieren aplanar el espiritu libre universal sin limites ni bornes humanos ni historicos. Unfortunately this situation reaches the extreme. We do not need some common criminals taking power of communities and victimizing free people.

Hopefully, the drug dealers never make it to trial. Agora estou orgulhosa da atitude e quero deixar aqui os parabens pela operacao bem sucedida,, Isso eh so um comeco para um Brasil melhor!!!!!! You don’t have idea how it is to be walking in the streets of a beautiful city with fear and the assurance that you will be robbed or maybe killed. I don’t understand the struggles for power between Brazilian gangs and the State, but this is such a similar scenario.



The state supports all the traffic, but this traffickers need to “walk on the line”. Killing people is no solution.

meu vicio e voce alcione

Durante td esse tempo, nenhum governante cuidou dos riscos que esse aglomerado representava. Thanks for checking out this preview of Slacker Radio!

meu vicio e voce alcione

Where do you think these drug traffickers got their weapons from? And only then, analyse the problem of legalizing or not the drug use.

Agora que “tocaram” todos os traficantes dessas favelas acham que o trafico vai acabar? It seems to me ,eu most Brazilians posting here are living abroad, the kind of expatriate who take US consumerism as a way of life, and who consider themselves to be righteous citizens with more rights than the others, or else, how can you support or justify the ideas like “they must kill all of them” emu a SOLUTION to the problem?