I did not bother to download the file and search through it though – I do not have time. It isn’t out fault. I will tell him to call Omron but that will not help the customer fix his problem. I have been warned and I will remember this thread. Please complete this form and submit it using the button below. Omron have an update service for their software and if updates are downloaded regularly any new devices are automatically installed into the configurator. My objection to this thread is that is has been told only from a Omron point of view where everything must conform to Omron’s view of the world.

odva ez-eds

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Please complete in the English language. This is why I pay to have our products certified. Because ODVA Technologies and Standards e-zeds be applied in many diverse situations and in conjunction with products and systems from multiple vendors, the user and those responsible for specifying ODVA Technologies and Standards must determine for themselves their suitability for the intended use.

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odva ez-eds

Without this, unfortunately you will not be able to integrate your products with the Omron scanner. I have had the Schneider Tech guy in my office for a couple of hours with no luck. Nibroc Edited 14 Apr by Nibroc. Please provide the name and contact details of the individual ldva whom subscription should be registered.


As it turns ez-ede we have a EDS file but no one has ever looked at it.

EZ-EDS Software Subscription Form

Schneider and ABB in particular are the two I have heard about. So what am I supposed to do dova a Omron customer calls up for tech support and says he can’t make his Omron talk to our products? Absolutely compatible with valid EDS files. Yes, I note also that the Manual for the Odvva VSD gives an example of integrating the VSD into a control-logix system by setting it up as a ‘generic ethernet module’, then just type in the assembly number, and sizes and away you go By the way the member list is now over numbers.

Ethernet IP

Posted 10 Apr Awful lot of EDS files in that lot. If Omron is certified then there is something wrong with the certification process. However, I have now spent many hours on this problem and am unable to establish ‘proper’ communication between the Altivar and EIP Started by Nibroc7 Apr ODVA has enhanced the specification during this time.

Nibroc Edited 10 Apr ez-rds Nibroc.

Profibus requires files for integration also. Posted 3 Apr I will tell him to call Omron but that will not help the customer fix his problem. I WILL blame the other guy who isn’t certified.

Ethernet IP – Omron –

I changed the scaling of the values to be read from the device and the only problem I had was figuring out how to write to the encoder to store the new value. I also wonder actually strongly suspect that some configurators ‘ignore’ certain EDS parameters and simply write their own values in appropriate place parameters such as RPI, input size, output size. Rockwell doesn’t require EDS files from third party devices. I have deleted my original response to the above and now decline to comment any further.


Actually, we are ahead of you. Omron are not new to CIP networks.

Go To Topic Listing Omron. We have found the our jitter is about 50 microseconds which is pretty good considering we don’t have any special FPGA for this like Profinet or CipSync requires. That is good enough more most applications.

There is no way a master should be certified if it can’t talk to the certified slaves. I won’t go into details, but as we computer people know, it only takes one little setting to make a big change!! Although we are able to establish a valid connection both EIP21 master and Altivar are happy and have tried all the various ‘asseblies’ offered we dova unable to control the Altivar.

odva ez-eds