To troubleshoot Horizon View Client specific issues related to brokering and access to entitlements. So for all the users of these tools — I apologize. Thank you Chuck, my mystakes on Kb… Reply. You should be able to run it offline after it has installed successfully once. I realize there is very little material here to help you understand what the tool is telling you but the plan is to produce a series of videos to handle that going forward. Values in the log file are expressed as KB K ilo B ytes , but the graphs are expressed as Kb K ilo b its so they must be multiplied by 8 to make that conversion.

pcoip log viewer

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That might be very interesting! Running the parser on Win Xp Sp3 machines in our environment results in the following: Just take the raw. Was this article helpful? Selects debug logging for virtual channels. Values in the log file are expressed as KB K ilo B ytesbut the graphs are expressed as Kb K ilo b vieer so they must be multiplied by 8 to make that conversion.

I plan pclip devote time to both sets of tools in the coming weeks.


pcoip log viewer

In the mean time, following manual workaround can be useful. People who like this. Please make sure that you have Java 1.

Nice to get real time functionality included. Nope, counters are there according to perfmon.

PCoIP Session Log and Statistics Viewer for Horizon 7

Oct 25 I have disabled the Firewall, Remote Registry Service is started, the registry key is fixed. If you are having issues logging inplease submit a Customer Support Inquiry and select ‘Account Management’. Am I missing something? What I think I will do is work on a tutorial for how to ThinApp the tool and get that published. You need to make sure there is an active PCoIP connection to the kog you are monitoring.

Tool for reading PCOIP server logs? |VMware Communities

Pulling client logs from View 5. Copy To Clipboard copy external link to clipboard copied!

If you can capture a video of the process you are using to connect and the behavior of the tool it may help as a next step. They will be saved on your local desktop. To myself and the rest of VMware, that was version 1.

I double check my setting and all is correct. Just dropping a quick line to say thank you for this awesome tool. This error is happening to me on the server files i.


I am glad we finally got this useful tool updated! It was an incredibly valuable and useful tool! If you have an outdated client, trying installing the new client version and attempt to replicate the issue – It will most likely be non-replicable!

It will still check for updates, but should run eventually. I am having some problems with log files aggregated with splunk though. However, for some reason the real-time WMI collection is not working for me.

Plz, send me an e-mail. Like I say they probably mean a lot to most people but I am new and a description would be helpful. Could get the performance counters remotely with perfmon but not the script.

pcoip log viewer

Minor changes were required to support both View 5.