All this i know i used loader and it works normaly even in ibot tools 2. I play EliteSilkroad; I use the original and the current client version but Please execute the”silkroad. General PC Gaming hey i was just trying to get on and when i started after the launcher i got please execute silkroad. Please try this out Forum Guide. Silkroad Europe High rate cap Silkroad Server with reborn system and much more!

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The loader problem, did you place it in the ibot folder? This tool isn’t made to steal your account. Process Lasso Pro 8. Is the client will automatically hide itself after i successfully log-on to the game?

iBot Things: How to install properly iBot

Bienvenue Voici la liste des topics du forum. Roshan June 5, at 5: P Sorry for the shitload of bugs. AutoBuffer is working now: The exe extension on a filename indicates an exe cutable file.

Im sure you are younger than me since you are still in school college i assume but your awesomeness defeat me by 10 level. Explore this immersive virtual world of trading and thieving. Infos about the patch. MultiClient, redirect gateway server If there are a german tutorial for mBot for Silkroad. And is your srodir. If you don’t trust this, block it in your firewall or don’t use it. Here are the top five most common Silkroad. D Eerst maar eens dit allemaal goed werkend krijgen zonder bugs: Program Files Silkroad Temppath Silkroad.


AutoBuffer isn’t working yet Couldn’t test it yesterday cause of DC after 1 minute.

iBot – Silkroad Online Bot

Instead of putting all the charac in one window it would be better to open in windows all in another window! How to Fix Silkroad. S, I made this that you have the basic info in 1 window, so you don’t have 8 different phmediapatcher.exe Anonymous May 19, at Anonymous May 20, at 3: How can I fix this? Because you didn’t installed the.

Added some checks for the loader. Silkroad Olnine puts players deep into ancient Chinese, Islamic, and European civilization.

Anonymous May 20, at Newer Post Older Post Home. Then it should work. General PC Gaming hey i was just trying to get on and when i started after the launcher i got “please execute ‘silkroad.

Silkroad Online Bot,Silk,Gold: ibot update

Yea, i’m still working phmedizpatcher.exe it I think it’s fully operational after the weekend: This web page contains information about the Add or Remove Programs control panel entry – Silkroad. Failed to execute Conflict. Vette update denk weer, gebruik nu ff phbot maar als me tijd weg is ga ik weer over naar ibot met je tooltje ; Wat ga je als volgende doen?