Also, if you review [SystemDrive]: When you hover over report in the gallery, you might notice following error: We can see installation successful message after completion of installation. Once we are done with successful validations, Click on Run button. Hi, i need help, i’m installing PowerPivot for SharePoint , but when i try to Run the PowerPivot for SharePoint Configuration appear this error “powerpivot for sharepoint configuration is missing prerequisites: If this is production environment, then purchase the Enterprise Edition license. Validate the settings and then run.

powerpivot.msi sharepoint 2013

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Step by step guide on installing PowerPivot for SharePoint on a single machine

Power Pivot setup is now complete and Power Pivot is ready to use. Access to the port is denied. You can also use the evaluation enterprise edition. Next screen will give you option to select SharePoint file location. Part 1 – preparing your machine for installation Install new Windows R2 or Windows Server SP2, 64bit machine and apply latest security patches.

The following connections failed to refresh: If you come across the error as shown above, ” We cannot locate a server to load the workbook data model “, couple of things to check.


powerpivot.msi sharepoint 2013

If in the future you add more content databases, you’ll need to rerun these cmdlets to ensure that Power Pivot has access to the new databases. Install WCF hot fix.

powerpivot.msi sharepoint 2013

Part 2 – installing SharePoint Make sure that account you logon to do installation is a domain administrator. Can add servers to form a SharePoint farm”. Review “Data Directories” tab. This will allow you to change which server you run the service on powerpibot.msi example, if you want to balance out the services on sharepojnt farm or to run the service on multiple servers for greater capacity.

Check your SharePoint log to see if you can find following reported error logged every minute:. After that restart your machine and you can schedule your PowerPivot workbook data refresh. Work with the report to ensure that report is working fine.

Posted by Unknown at 1: But the for the stuff that needs to be installed on SharePoint farm servers will 20013 need to installed on the respective SharePoint farm servers. GetSnapshot self-terminated after During this you will be also asked to add DNS role to your machine. You will need to restart your machine after setup of this feature completes. Since we’ve installed PowerPivot and configured, there’s a new app available called PowerPivot Gallery.


There is a know issue when you install PowerPivot on domain controller described here. Grant the managed account access to the content database. Restart your machine Login back to your machine with regular account and try to deploy another report to PowerPivot gallery. What you have is a Standard Edition. You must be a server administrator on the Analysis Services instance SharePoint only.

Make sure that setup finished successfully. Where to install spPowerPivot. Click the 2031 Store service application. Type the user name and password of the credentials that have access to your data sources.

You will need this feature so you can work from server as workstation.

What about SharePoint: Installation SQL Server PowerPivot for SharePoint Add-In

You cannot have an existing PowerPivot-named instance sharepointt the computer on which you are installing Analysis Services in SharePoint mode. Test the data source connection again. You will need to choose new domain administrator password during this step. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.