The bridegroom is seated on the leaf -plate to the east and the bride’s father on that to the west. The bridegroom sits down facing her on the other outer side of the door-step. The fact seems to be that vrsala is a misreading for vrsdhka, Vrsahha is the reading in most places in a remarkable manuscript of the drama in the possession of the Asiatic 6 Kautily. The Matsya does not know the appellation at all. In his several works he has touched on many abstruse sub- jects also.

prasasti fa ghini

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The Janibigha Inscription [with Plate].

The names too are different. The fact seems to be that ghni is a misreading for vrsdhka, Vrsahha is the reading in most places in a remarkable manuscript of the drama in the possession of the Asiatic 6 Kautily.

Let 39 s Play Monster. Home has given an account of the first English Factory in Patna, A.

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Ill, fhini Oldenborg. A river has now cut a way for itself through the bunds and traverses the whole of the western side of the old city. The Jains, however, employ niiidJii ghii nishidhi to denote ornamental tombs of their saints figurative use for resting- place.

The annual rejwrt for was considered and passed. Its head is roasted and eaten by the male guests as a relish for the liquor. All hunters on deck we need your help so come on and support us in this battle for monster hunter xx.

The pitchers are then filled with water and brought home by the girls.


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The King, among others, being forthwith converted, took refuge in Buddha, Sangha, and Dharma, and invited the Master to breakfast at the palace. After this the two men first eat two mouthfuls of food, and then ask the other guests to begin eating. IV, pages Oldenberg. Why should the provision of ghinl out on tour make the minis- ters mindful of their business?

There must have been a tradition connecting this ttiountain with the Pandavas who came to Rajagriha disguised as Snataka Brahmans and challenged Jarasandha to a single com- bat.

Full text of “The journal of the Bihar research society”

It is preposterous to believe that these respectful forms of speech were combined with the oppro- brious epithet vrsala. The Ramayana mentions the name of a river which ” lay like a garland in the midst of the five great mountains ghnii Think of its result from the story of Quarun’s account.

This is a notice to the inmates of the house that the party have come to negotiate for a bride. But that yhini copies of the Journal be not sent to them if their present address is not known.

I need not dilate upon the usefulness of this most useful work. There has been an addition of twenty-eight new mem- bers during the year, but we have lost three members by death and five by resignation.

They did it and the two hands are discernible throughout the manuscript.

prasasti fa ghini

Snapseed download iphone Hi, Centos 7 rpmfusion repo is not up to date for new centos How to play mp4 mpeg and another video format. On their return to the bridegroom’s place the two girls stand before the door of the hut each with her pitcher poised on her head. I call this really a work of the gazetteer class.


He was a very skilful singer and had a singular taste for music.

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This woman places a handful of rice on the extended palms of the bride’s hands and asks her, ” Whose house are you filling with plenty, dear? And the Lord after rising from solitary meditation in the afternoon, repaired to the place where Mahakassapa was.

By Sarat Chandra Mitra, M. praszsti

prasasti fa ghini

For this occasion, five jars of rice- beer were already set abrewing on the return of the three men who had gone to the bride’s house for the Tdk-ohanrhi ceremony. Tena kho pana pana samayena ayasma Mahakas- sapo Pippala Guhayani viharati abadhiko dukkhito balhagilano. In History some very interesting papers have been contributed. The coins prasqsti other objects of archaeological, ethnological and historical interest collected by the Society have been prasqsti made over to the Provincial Museum, which was constituted during the year.

Thus, the marriage of first cousins, which appears to have once been orasasti vogue amongsfc trlbas practising clan-exogamy, but is no longer allowed in such Indian aboriginal tribes as we are familiar with, is still permissible amongst the Birhors, at least theoretically under certain conditions.