When a user clicks a submit button in a Dynaform, the values in the controls are saved to their case variables, which are automatically created for each control when data is entered as the case variable value. Select rating Give 3. For each function, the Wizard displays a window to input each parameter and enter a variable to store the return value. Then, select a specific function to use from the list. Triggers can be used to redirect the web browser to a new page by calling the header function.

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In the window that opens, click on the Copy option:. It has the following format:. UID stands for “unique identification”, which is a string wikii 32 hexadecimal characters that identifies objects in ProcessMaker.

The user could alter the date in the Dynaform, which would then change prlcessmaker value stored in the case prcoessmaker ApplicationDate. If no file is uploaded to an Input Document, then a trigger set to be fired after the Input Document will not be fired. This documentation explains how end users can execute and manage their cases, as well as the options for users when running a case. This allows customer relations specialists to quickly and efficiently deal with a wide range of customer demands.

Then, select a specific function to use from the list.

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Use the button to insert system and case variables in the condition. To add a condition to a trigger, go to the Triggers section inside the Assigned Elements panel and click the Condition button:.


Description Processmaker screenshot Source ProcessMaker, processmaker. A string of characters to assign to the variable. Orocessmaker from PHP extensions can also be called if the extension is installed in the ProcessMaker server. When running cases, it is possible to see when triggers are executed and the value of system and wwiki variables by turning on the ProcessMaker Debugger.

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For example, the following trigger redirects the web browser to the Home menu, which displays the Inbox:. When referencing a case variable within a trigger, take into account the following typing rules:.

processmaker wiki

Advanced Dashboards Installed as Plugin. You cannot overwrite this file.

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A subsequent trigger could examine ApplicationDate and make calculations based on that date. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. File File history File usage Metadata Size of this preview: Current Stable Android Mobile Version: Right click on a process in the list and select the Enable Debug Mode option from the dropdown menu.

processmaker wiki

When a timeout trigger is executed, the system variables will not be updated for the current task, so the following system variables listed below wwiki not be accurate. For example, the following script looks up the current case’s variables and outputs them into a string that can be displayed in a Dynaform field named “MyTextArea”:.


Before this point, the next task and the next user can not be known for sure. Retrieved from ” https: Click wi,i this option to obtain the Unique ID of the trigger, which is a string of 32 hexadecimal characters that uniquely identifies the trigger. Set its parameter to “location: If the step is a Dynaform, this is a good point to set any case variables that will be displayed in the Dynaform’s fields.

If a subsequent Dynaform in the case uses the variable in a field, the field’s value will automatically be set to the value of the variable. Not all the plugins were moved yet. Since it is stored, it can be checked several tasks later or at the end of a case.

For example, in an insurance process for a hospital, each insurance claim for the treatment of a patient is represented by a single case. If passing values between triggers and Dynaforms, make sure that the case variable name prcoessmaker the trigger is spelled the same as the variable name used in the Dynaform field. The trigger will not be executed, clicking on Next Step.