Find More Posts by Surgeon. Last edited by megatron: My personal choice is reforce. Refresh Force seems to be the best of the best so far. The conclusion is that RefreshLock is a useful piece of software that anyone should install on their computer, especially if they often play computer games. Hannibal Lecter’s System Specs. Now heres the catch.

refreshlock windows xp

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Last edited by megatron: Last edited by Pepsin: Find More Posts by VeggieBoy. Once you see cp desired refresh rates listed, you select OK and those values are saved to the registry as the new WinXP default refresh rate values replacing 60Hz.

RefreshLock was reviewed by Elena Opris. Apr 14, at I must be really stupid – refresh lock didn’t work for me either.

In matter of wlndows resources, the tool is barely noticeable. Furthermore, starring at your monitor on a low frequency can cause serious damage to your eyes.


refreshlock windows xp

With RefreshForce there is nothing to override. Just run it once after you install you video drivers and thats it. The link I gave works for my pro.

Get Higher Display Refresh Rate with RefreshLock

Reforce caused problems with bf, refresh rate lock is my choice. I donot use any 3rd party refresh rate fixes. RefreshForce does rwfreshlock override refresh rates–it makes “permanent” registry changes to the OS with regard to refresh rates so that Windows directly solicits the preferred refresh rate from the videocard driver–actually writing in a single refresh-rate value for each resolution that becomes the new Windows default replacing 60Hz in XP. I have a backup.

Download Free RefreshLock, RefreshLock Download

It worked for my Ti for the last year, and now it works with my Pro refredhlock fine. Radeon Tweaking, Modding, and Overclocking. Apr 13, Find More Posts by Surgeon. Despite what others are saying RefreshLock does not run in the backround, it simply locks in the registry and nothing more. Typically, monitors are capable of delivering wjndows frequencies but, occasionally, they might not function properly exactly when you want to start playing.


Get Higher Display Refresh Rate with RefreshLock | Tech Salsa

Refresh force is a registry based application that modifies your monitor drivers to attain the desired refresh rates in any mode. I almost messed my OS up by installing that refresh fix Senior Citizen’s System Specs.

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Find More Posts by megatron. Some games like BF require you edit a config file refreshlick allow other refresh rates besides 60hz. It doesnt even install.

refreshlock windows xp

Thus it will not run after reforce has been ran. RefreshLock does widows change the Windows defaults, it merely overrides them. Drivers, Refreshlock and BF