Another instrumental track, Prickel Pit, follows with heavier riffy guitars, while an Derroll Adams track, Portland Town will become a concert favourite. Soul Caravan – Live Germany, Krautroc On the second album, “Phallbost” they counted with Dieter Dierks and his recording studios although, before their planned third LP was completed, the musicians decided to go separate ways in , for musical and personal reasons. This article needs additional citations for verification. Mellotron comes in later. Love the sound before 3 minutes.

rufus zuphall phallobst

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Island – Pictures Switzerland, Krautock, Sym Opus – Vorsicht Zerbrechlich Germany, Krautr Eloy – Performance Germany, Krautrock, Symph Soul Caravan – Live Germany, Krautroc The second side of the album is a bit more uplifting with the instrumental Makrojel opening strongly, with a jazzy feeling, but we are again in the typical sound of theirs. Sau Aas Live 9: Another instrumental track, Prickel Pit, follows with heavier riffy guitars, while an Derroll Adams track, Portland Town will become a concert favourite.


The Shiver – Walpurgis Switzerland, Krautroc New Blog Music Actually, it is quite hard to recognize instantly which RZ track you are listening to zuhall the help of the albums, as they had a “sound with which they rarely digressed from. Flame Dream – Calatea Switzerland, Krautrock Missing Link – Nevergreen!

rufus zuphall phallobst

Harmonia – Musik von Harmonia Germany, Kraut If the first two tracks go unsurprisingly by with their lot of happy sounds, we are more intrigued with the lengthier Schupfner with its medieval-like guitars and superb flute: Rufus Zuphall – Phallobst CD Rufus Zuphall is a German progressive rock band from Aachen, part of the krautrock scene of the s.

Latest members reviews I have played my copy an original!

Hanuman – Hanuman Germany, Krautrock, Progre By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Forum user Forum password. Rufus Zuphall-Phallobst Phallobsr prog psych cd. Eloy – Planets Germany, Krautrock, Symphonic Their style used to blend prog rock, blues rockhard rock and some folk-ish, often instrumental tunes.

rufus zuphall phallobst

Klaus Schulze – Blackdance Germany, Krautroc But while there are some Folk influences on this album, to call this their main influences would be grossly exaggerating as they take up as much from zupyall blues or jazz in the studio and live they were even bluesier. Quem sou eu Marcia Tunes Visualizar meu perfil completo.


RUFUS ZUPHALL Phallobst reviews

Other sites in the MAC network: Mellotron comes in later. Cluster – Cluster II Edgar Froese zuphal Stuntman Germany, Krautrock, Edgar Froese – Macula Transfer remix I like the intro especially the bass. Kraftwerk – Autobahn Germany, Krautrock, Electronic. The half-finished LP appeared only 20 years later on CD as “Avalon and On”also featuring live recordings from the years and Portland Town Live 4:

rufus zuphall phallobst