To my disappointment this is a spin off of My Tutor Friend. Retrieved from ” https: I don’t mind but I feel like it is not no coincident. On January 13, , his second drama with Ranee Campen, “Padiwarada” aired. This page was last edited on 30 August , at Anyone who edits; Please make sure you don’t delete the Brackets. James Ji and Ranee Campen is one of the top “koojin” most shipped on-screen couples of Channel 3.

ruk sutrit ost

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Little details and scenes that I enjoyed: In June, he held Magic James the Concert. Loved the first sutrig. Later inhe received a scholarship, The artist [2] therefore moved the faculty to study at the Faculty of Business Administration Rangsit University Retail Business Management Until graduation And attended the graduation ceremony in December James made his debut and rose to stardom after starring in the lakorn Suparburoot Jutathep: Views Read Edit View history.

It took me 4 episode to soak into Chaotic Blessing. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.


At the end ofJames returned to Vietnam to take a martial arts class at Johnny Tri Nguyen’s Lien Phong Academy in preparation for his new drama Padiwaradaas the lakorn featured many action scenes. First Prev 20 of 30 Go to page. It’s such a different character from Khun Suhrit Mor.

Jirayu Tangsrisuk – Wikipedia

I liked episode 2 much more but more so of the second half of the episode. Through conflicting situations, Chanamon at first able to persuade Ittirit into focusing on his studies by having Sutrti as his study partner. Eeekkkss cannot wait to watch it tonight: What’s the age difference between his character and punch’s?

ruk sutrit ost

Forum Actors Actress About. Rangsit University Business Administration. James is too pretty to pass for a bad boy.

He looked so adorable. Ittirit has always felt like a failure in his father’s eyes and never as good as his adopted brother, Tun. It was so cute how James laugh at punch for seeing him naked I can’t stop thinking about theses two.

On December 14,James confirmed in an interview that the contract between him and his manager Pik had expired for a while, but K. What’s new New posts New profile posts Latest activity.


Can’t wait to see what happens in episode 2 today!! Been waiting for this!!!

Jirayu Tangsrisuk

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Retrieved from ” https: We are trying to get this lakorn subbed on Viki. James also said that the relationship between him and his ex-manager osh friendly. Nueng Dao Fah Deaw. Episode 1 was alright for me.

ruk sutrit ost

I remember back then all my login passwords was his name I’m really liking his parts with Wawa. She is blessed lol I almost died when Itt covered himself with the guitar and when he screamed, he strummed the strings lmao.

I hope it starts picking up soon. I need to sjtrit give myself some time to watch episode 1 throughly Can’t wait to start on this lakorn.