Just added a very slow The Old Republic Genre: I think the story has a good balance of heroics, sentimentality and stupidity. Embric of Wulfhammer’s Castle Genre: I could go on forever.

sapphism no gensou an epic

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Some of the lines have effects coded mid-line ex: I’ve been trying to figure out if I broke something or it’s just some sort of bug.

sapphism no gensou an epic

I’m looking atand was wondering: Can anyone re-upload this game somewhere please? Is this a “PC-only” thread? If you don’t know, what’s the file type of the file where you extracted the zn

Commercial PC Games Game: Real Time Strategy Link: This is the absurd and fun setting of Sapphism no Gensou a visual novel by Lair-soft who since have done nothing else of note although they have kept with the theme of an unusual setting in nearly all their games.

Escalation, you’ll recognize a lot of the look of this visual novel. I did watch the whole series and this was basically all I retained from it.


Mass Effect 3 Genre: She really, really, really likes food. This topic has been locked. I’d imagine that the text files I uploaded are the easiest way to translate. This is a review blog – it’s all personal opinions, all the time.

sapphism no gensou an epic

She is utterly freaked out when one of her classmates turns out to be none other than Tachibana…who has completely lost her memory. Also i spotted epoc error here: Become a Yuri Network Correspondent by sending me any Yuri-related news you find.

Which brings me to my next point: Im guessing the script isnt finished yet. I figured “in a horror game” is genosu not ideal.

Sapphism no Gensou ~An Epic~ (Yuri)

Baddamobs View Profile View Posts. Polestar and in this all female environment immediately the out lesbian is inaccurately labelled as the suspect.

Either be patient or learn Japanese I guess. But — what if she hates Ebi-chan for lying about their relationship?

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Couple of blank spots too. Maybe pass me the original game file where you extracted the script from, and I’ll see if I can enslave someone to gensoou this.


sapphism no gensou an epic

I don’t think that it contains only the prologue. The weird girls-kiss-each-other-then-turn-into-weapons-and-fight game “Valkyrie Drive: Actually, I vaguely remember this one being noted as being pretty grim, whatever the actual content was.

Have you ever considered this is purely because they are the only series that has been translated?

Sapphism no Gensou

Will definitely have to check some of these out. So you can either put Ojou-sama like the previous translator did, or translate them all to Milady. Images greater than x pixels will be thumbnailed.