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serwer testowy wot 8.5

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Agrevator Sep 11 EunoMSV Jun 15 LT based on STA is not planned. German mediums are to come in 8. Can’t see new topics!?

How the Common Test Works | docs

Kozietulski Jul 16 When did the Japanese start working on them – ? The work started as really difficult this year, as very few documents arrived. So I was right – teamdamage punishment system from ramming can’t be fully automatic as it is impossible to always determine who’s to blame – working lights on tanks weather etc. Could have such a design existed in the mind of some Krupp engineer?

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serwer testowy wot 8.5

Nie wiemy, kiedy zostanie zaimplementowany do gry. Achievements and research that you complete on the test client will not be carried over to your normal play account Real money transactions are not possible on the test server and payments will not be accepted All test accounts will receive a one-time payment of: Multiple problems with the game in Tech Corner Started by thunder3oo, Sep 06 B chassis Traverse speed of Luchsketten Ausf.


But don’t forget these key points: In fact, all those scout branches ending with tier 5 will be prolonged wto they don’t end at low tiers – a player reported a bug where vehicles run around with broken tracks, SerB says there is no such bug – “Deadeye” perk doesn’t affect the chance of the engine catching of fire directly, only indirectly – SerB notes that the Chinese tier 10 WZ was one of the cases where the tank had a model done, was introduced to the test server and was tested, but in the end not implemented – 8.5 will be more events of the type the Chinese have now “top experience”in the future there will be XP tables too – no additional info on the historical battles, ATM the devs are working on CW’s – the closest new mode is the garage battle, needs a lot of re-balancing Storm adds: SeVenth70 Oct 14 Storm claims it’s an old bug, around from 7.

TzarBuba Oct 19 In the future – who knows? AT-7 will behave much like M3 Lee.

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FluffyRedFox Feb 08 Silentraz May 01 Sure, but the fact it could have existed doesn’t mean it did. We don’t have any reliable sources on Chi-Ru.


Tallboy1 Mar 18 Now, Storm opened a new blog thread where he talks about the bugs and issues of patch 8. Internet gone maaaaaaad in Off-Topic Started by sartox1, Oct 29 However, the mockup team for the 25 ton proposal realized that the armor would be too thin to deal with bazookas and anti-tank missiles, which was why 85. lead to the 35 ton Type Shoutnoise May 27 Because generally speaking, if you cite reputable sources and publish it as “serious material”, noone will doublecheck the sources and very few people will question testoay.

In Europe – most players are the Germans and the Poles.

serwer testowy wot 8.5

Error while installing the game: Downator Jan 03 Helghast99 May 10 In the second case – everyone knows Sharik” SS: