TrueConf Server completely realized our requirements for a healthcare conference solution Each event has its own web page on TrueConf web site. Sign up for newsletter. Now users can perform a test to adjust echo cancellation parameters for better performance with HDMI devices. Minimum number of users is 10, while maximum number is TrueConf Server is a software video conferencing server created for the construction of an independent system for video conferencing in private enterprise networks. With TrueConf Online 6.

trueconf online

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The speakers may use different tools, for example show slides and share their desktop Video conference session can be recordedfor example for further video processing and distribution.

To use the TrueConf Online service you will need a webcam, a microphone or headset, and Internet access. Sign up for newsletter.

trueconf online

Now, Free Plan users have the access to all collaboration tools: TrueConf Online service users can hold group multipoint video conference with up to 9 participants where everyone can be seen and heard by the others. Virtual Meeting A role-based truecond, where any four participants can be chosen by the host to be visible and audible to the rest of the participants, who in turn may switch roles with them or use audio messages and chat for feedback.

All the selected participants will receive an invitation via e-mail to participate in a video conference. Sign up for newsletter. TrueConf is easy to use and the quality is very good. TrueConf has proven to be extremely easy to work with, especially taking into account the size of our truecojf. The organizer can also elaborate on the planned conference and attach the files for uploading.


TrueConf global coverage guarantees a great audio and video experience anywhere in the world.

Cloud Video Conferencing Service. TrueConf Server users can hold video meetings with up to participants using various channels, including satellite channels. Download TrueConf Online Create a corporate group.

trueconf online

TrueConf is truecnf easy to install and configure according to the needs of our organization. TrueConf Server is one of the most complete and stable systems that we have deployed here in our network. We have also had great attention from technical support, who have always been able to answer all our questions Minimum number of users is 10, while maximum number is It is secured and does not depend on an Internet connection.

TrueConf Online users are able to pay monthly, whereas a TrueConf Server license is purchased for either a year or for an unlimited period. Today we will answer one of the frequently asked questions we get from our clients — what is the difference between TrueConf Server software and TrueConf Online cloud solution, as well as tell you about what is the purpose of each product.

TrueConf Online Plans

Broadcasting with audio feedback from the audience Push to Talk is available in the “Pro” tariff plan. In the slideshow window, you can find a special button that allows switching oonline two modes — slideshow and the slides generated from the connected screen. This service plan allows you to make free 1-on-1 video calls to in FullHD truevonfas well as to conduct group video conferences for up to three participants using TrueConf Online.


TrueConf Server completely realized our requirements for a healthcare conference solution Server and apps for meetings and collaboration.

Video Conferencing for Windows

TrueConf at InfoComm India All that is required to start a conversation is to install the TrueConf client application for your operating system on your PC or laptop and register your account. This utility is designed to simplify sharing messages and files with video conferencing participants.

Choose your plan Corporate onoine adminisrator teueconf. Install the TrueConf mobile app to be able to host and participate in group video conferences anywhere. Free service plan is a great option for those who want to communicate with colleagues, family or friends with comfort and without any additional investments.

Both products are suitable for large-scale video conferencing, but the maximum number of participants for group video conferencing in TrueConf Online iswhile the Server can broadcast for up to truecomf. Compatible With All Platforms.

From now on, these new features are available in TrueConf Online 6.