The post maintenance script simply re-enables logons on the server. System Center Configuration Manager. If you allow your Terminal Server users to disconnect from their session and reconnect from another location, you probably wish you could run scripts or other configuration changes during those two events. The session ID for each user can be gathered by using the native quser command. Featured Microsoft Touts Machine Learning Role in Assessing Windows 10 Upgrades Microsoft recently elaborated on how its machine learning algorithms help ensure that Windows 10 feature upgrades will be successful.


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To keep your customers happy, keep the portafilter warm between shots, the key stlogoff.exe good foam is a little spin, and good monitoring will help prevent the dreaded “the server is slow today” call.

10 Tasty Terminal Server Tools —

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System Center Configuration Manager. Knowing the latency from the server to each progressive hop will help you track down the node in your network that is the source of the slowdown. Wednesday, March 3, These timeframes are usually sufficient, as most configuration activity needs to occur during one of those four events.

TSPing monitors the state of three critical Terminal Server services on any number of machines: Whether it’s coffee you’re making or remote desktops you’re administering, keeping a few good tools in the drawer will make the difference between a perfect crema and a burnt flavor. If any of these three services incur a problem and stop running, tslogof.exe tool can be configured to notify an administrator via e-mail and even to attempt a restart of that process.


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But it can also be a pain in the neck for Terminal Server users who have all the options but none of the permissions to make it work. Guys, Thanks for your quick responses. Once you download and install this freeware tool, users are limited strictly to the Applications, Processes and Networking tabs. With so many individual settings in so many different places, this consistency can become difficult.

To combat this limited on-or-off option, the people at Thincomputing. Wednesday, March 3, 5: The pre-maintenance script basically checks to see if there are any users logged on, it then disables logons on the server. To use Ping Plotter, install tslogoff.ede tool to your Terminal Server and run the executable.

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These two variables store the client name and IP address of the attached client. Configuration Manager General. Giving the administrator the ability to change Tslogoff.eze settings, client device mappings, crash dump locations, log-in banners and all kinds of other Terminal Server specific settings in one location, this tool helps ensure that common configuration.

WTSConfigurator No matter what your problems are, ensuring a consistent server configuration is important.


The e-mail notification requires an SMTP server to work, so you’ll need to ensure one is available and secured to support the notification e-mails. But if we need to find information about the tslogoff.xe computers we need to look elsewhere. Locating and clearing this location for every user can be a cumbersome process. Featured Microsoft Touts Machine Learning Role in Assessing Windows 10 Upgrades Microsoft recently elaborated on how its machine learning algorithms help ensure that Windows 10 feature upgrades will be successful.



If there are any active logged on users, it then notifies any logged in users that the system will be going down for maintenance in 10 minutes and will be down for at least an hour. Configuration Manager General https: Even though tslogoffexe RDP protocol is designed to be used in low-bandwidth situations, the user’s experience relies on a constant and uninterrupted flow of communication between client and server.

Choosing the right Terminal Server admin tool can be a little like concocting the perfect latte. But there’s no native tool that reveals the opposite, finding which Terminal Servers a stated user is logged into. Where To Download These Tools? With this set, your advertisement will wait until tslogofv.exe one is logged into the console session.