The receive statements is replaced by polling the input message queue and dequeuing the first element if a message arrives. The value is added to the amount of money that the machine already has gathered. InputPort ; connect CoffeeDrinker: For each fifty cents the machine then emits a coffee via its output port: For this purpose the test system provides a class that implements the interface TriCommunicationTE with methods that the response adapter can call.

ttcn 3 compiler

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A coffee machine has two ports: We also take the opportunity to switch on the response adapter that we will discuss in the next section.

TestCast | TTCN-3 execution framework for ETSI test suites

The new value is returned by decode. This value is then passed to a method such as triSend. This allows us to study the standardized API that defines how we ttdn an abstract test suite to a specific system under test. To do this we have to rewrite our test case from above as follows: This method compilwr the behaviour of a thread that is started when the public method SwitchOn is invoked.

ttcn 3 compiler

Enqueue bytes ; return TriStatus. Elvior is focused on software test automation by providing software compiper services and tools. In order to implement a specific version, the stimulus adapter is derived from class Adapter which implements TriCommunicationSA and overrides the required methods.


ttcn 3 compiler

The Eclipse Titan toolset consists of command line components for compilation and execution of functional and performance tests, including ckmpiler codec generators for ASN. It has to provide methods that are called by the test system at certain events, e. In our abstract test suite data are described as values of TTCN-3 types.

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We will also provide a simple test case that orders two coffees. From such an object we can obtain the int it represents using the method getInt. We introduce a class ResponseAdapter with a private method ReceiverBehaviour. The send statement is replaced by enqueuing a message into the output queue. IntegerInputPortType is the type of a port that acts as input for integers we will represent coins as integers. This must be converted into a value of type TriMessage.

This encoding and decoding depends on the concrete system under test and must be specified by the user. Note that the response adapter does not have to implement the methods, it just calls them.

Each tool targets a specific profile: It can run on the same thread as the CoffeeDrinker component.

InputPort ; There are also corresponding unmap statements as we will see, we can use them to release resources. The maintenance of test suites is a non-trivial task and can often be a burden.


The behaviour ttccn the threads is described by the methods SenderBehaviour and ReceiverBehaviour. The software also generates test traceability, test case descriptions and test step reports, and graphic test coverage, plus message sequence diagrams. In addition to providing a fully customized development solution, we provide comprehensive expert training to ytcn you getting started quickly with TTCN-based testing.

InputPort ; connect CoffeeDrinker: It waits for messages from the system under test and passes them to the test system.


Before unmapping, the testcase waits until CoffeeDrinkerComponent has terminated. Because the coffee machine is in an infinite loop, we wait 6. This can be used to select a type-specific encoding action. Ttcn3; public class StimulusAdapter: Hence it must be started as an independent thread.

ttcn 3 compiler

We now define the behaviour of the machine as a function CoffeeMachineFunction. Because the response adapter has to pass messages to the InputPort of the test system with the target component CoffeeDrinkerComponent we supply the corresponding information: