Chandrasena was impressed by Walpola’s ability to sing and after auditioning several songs with harmonium accompaniment, sent a good word to the Radio Ceylon broadcaster Thevis Guruge. Retrieved from ” https: Aruna Shanthi who played the main role in Prema Tharangaya was scheduled to sing this song. He sang for films in Sujatha as second film followed by Ahankara Sthree. Past memories reveal that Police had to deploy a special group of policemen to control the massive crowd gathered outside Siri Kotha. These specificities themselves speak to ways of passing down tradition. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

uththama muni dalada song

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Moreover, the text includes important and fascinating information linking artist with location. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

One sees troupe after troupe of dancers and the execution so graceful and grand that it becomes a blur. By 7 years of age he started singing Nadagam songs and his father took him for support work behind the stage.

Dharmadasa Walpola

At this decisive moment, M. It was a privilege to sing for both those commercial branding labels at the time. A ceremonial wedding dzlada held at Siri Kotha, Kollupitiya with a huge gathering of guests and artists.

He subsequently acted and sang in the play Wessanthara as well. Newer Post Older Post Home. Trees after all have roots and roots tell us a lot more about the tree than would a leaf. His masterly performance of singing in Bari Sil, Kela Mal and Nawarella, famous ballet music composed by Musician Dr Premasiri Khemadasa captured the fully packed spell bound audience at every presentation.


It behooves all Sri Lankans to salute this great musician as a mark of gratefulness in recognition of his musical excellence to the nation. They have three sons and a daughter.

At that time he won a role in Sirisena Wimalaweera ‘s play Amma singing a virindu.

Pageant of the Uththama Muni Dalada ~ Malinda Words

Not dalaea are drums and drummers symbolic of natural phenomenon, each drum-type has a purpose and each type of drummer linked to particular villages in and around Mahanuwara. Kavi gayana in Dingiri MenikaKurulu Bedda has influenced the listeners with highest admiration even today. Past memories reveal that Police had to deploy a special group of policemen to control the massive utythama gathered outside Siri Kotha. Indeed it is frequently referred to by scholars and poets.

The songs recorded by this great play-back singer in Jeevithaya and Samanalayo are highly popular even today though the two films were never screened. Walpola served as a music teacher later on in his life.

uththama muni dalada song

To master the flute, Walpola began taking lessons from Eddie Master and then attended R. Ariyadasatablist who encouraged Dharmadasa with fullest support to succeed in his musical career.

uththama muni dalada song

However, the bold decision taken by him has benefitted the future generation involved in music to maintain the distinction of their musical career. His mother was Mrs Karunawathie and father Mr Charles Appuhamy, a dressmaker by profession, tailored costumes to the Tower Hall artists. These specificities themselves speak to ways of passing down tradition.


But each dance, each troupe, has a role to play and a role that has been carefully scripted in within the larger and longer cultural narrative. This page was last edited on 24 Ealadaat But a difficult situation arose since Aruna Shanthi failed to satisfy the required quality of singing. And yet, one gets the sense that it resists capture like most things cultural in one narrative or analytical sweep, which of course is not a bad thing.

uththama muni dalada song

This is a commemorative appreciation of the 30th Death Anniversary of this versatile musician on December 25, It is of course a dream topic for Anthropologists, Sociologists and others fascinated by culture, cultural reproduction and meaning generation.

SundaramRaja ThangendraGowradanam and Jayadev.

Uththama Muni Dalada MP3 Song

Acquaintance with Tower Hall staff opened the rare opportunity of playing a character on the stage. PereraSunil ShanthaR. Views Read Edit View history.

Initially, since film industry in Sri Lanka was not equipped with technical resources, producers were compelled to go to South India in early s to film their production.