He relentlessly purses her only to face rejection, as she considers him a flirt. The editing could have been crisper. Sudhi starts suspecting an affair between his wife and his close friend Shashidharan K. Why and what happens next forms the plot of the remaining portion of the story. Sheela gives a very good performance. Devi who is already feeling bad for her behaviour rushes to Raja and accepts his love. But Raja intervenes that all the engagement and wedding was a fake to take revenge on Devi for insulting him in her friend’s wedding.

vazhve mayama mp3

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Written by rAjOo gunwanti hotmail. It is the story of a married couple Sudhi Sathyan and Sarala Sheela. After the treatment Baby is informed about Raja’s cancer and she is shocked.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Prathap actually wants to marry Devi and he is yet to propose her. Add the first question.

vazhve mayama mp3

Sheela gives a very good performance. Raja marries her and begins his last journey. Prathap without knowing the Raja-Devi’s relationship tries to expose his feelings for him but she does not reciprocate.


When she realizes that his love is true, she changes her mind, and agrees to marry him. Devi is told that her friend’s husband was already dying before the marriage and groom’s family concealed the truth. She vazhvee the help of old air-hostess turned prostitute friend whose life turned disastrous when she was deceived and raped by a man. Raja is very happy that since Prathap is a friend of Devi, Raja himself is her friend mayzma Prathap is his friend.

Raja and Devi start to distribute their wedding invitations.

vazhve mayama mp3

Use the HTML below. Rajasekaran Kamal Haasan is a happy-go-lucky and spoilt brat from rich family background. This acts as the final blow vxzhve their already strained relationship. The vxzhve “Neela vaana odaiyil” was inspired by the “Chupke chupke”, one of fhe famous ghazals composed by Ghulam Ali. Real-time popularity on IMDb. When Raja tries to chat with her, she insults him.

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He finds that Devi is familiar with his friend Prathap. Raja promises that until she gets married he would not think of his marriage. Devi is shocked and rushes to meet Raja.


Vazhve Mayam Songs Download: Vazhve Mayam MP3 Malayalam Songs Online Free on

The music was composed by Gangai Amaran. Retrieved 24 October The next day when the girl comes to meet him he wonders that he did not accept her to marry but Devi.

vazhve mayama mp3

Retrieved from ” https: He is very good and gives a very realistic performance as always. Top Malayalam Movies. The girl is also friend of Devi and she invites her for the marriage. BalasubrahmanyamVani Jairam.

Vazhve Mayam

S Sethumadhavan’s direction is average. The film is no sugary tale of happy endings,and that is good for a change.

Hence he accepts their love and the couple get engaged.