Subbulakshmi and Maharajapuram Santhanam, among others. In , this man had attended a concert of Vinayakram and fell so much in love with his playing that he persuaded him to part with his ghatam. Shankar and Zakir Hussain. All user-contributed text on this page is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License ; additional terms may apply. Shujaat Khan then sang in ghazal style for the next piece, followed by a solo in Raga Bhilaval.

vikku vinayakram ghatam

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Retrieved from ” https: Hitting one bone against the other, or using bones on drums instead of sticks has an influence on the sound produced, and on the person who produces it.

On how Vikku Vinayakram put the ghatam on the global map

Raghavan have captivated listeners throughout the world. He also had a special sitar-ghatam jugalbandi with Vikku Vinayakram, and the violinists joined in Raga Khamaj and Baaro Krishnayya, a composition by Kanakadasa popularised by the late M.

Edukkum Maniya oru vaarthai ketuko. With Viayakram singing shlokas for Ganesha and Chandrashekara, Vikku Vinayakram played tala chakra on a set of five ghatams, each tuned to a different note sa re ga ma pa in ascending orderand threw one up in the air in a fine show at the end of his performance.


T. H. Vinayakram

View all trending tracks. The Remastered 25th Anniversary Edition includes 3 new tracks: Five of us are playing in this song, slapping our chests and singing.

He is the son and disciple of sitarist Ustad Vilayat Khan. He donated all the proceeds from the award to a charity organization in south India.

On how Vikku Vinayakram put the ghatam on the global map – The Hindu

Finayakram Sant Singh Chatwal G. Move smoothly between articles as our pages load instantly. Retrieved 21 July The Dancing Sorcerer 2: Selvaganesh is a world-famous percussionist in his own right, and grandson Swaminathan is a public performer as well.

vikku vinayakram ghatam

One of them actually had a beautiful pearl in it. Ganesh and Kumaresh are brothers who took to performing the Carnatic violin right from their childhood years in Tamil Nadu. Sea Of Showers 4: Rajam Ratan Thiyam T.

vikku vinayakram ghatam

April Learn how and when to remove this template message. Robyn creates a sweet euphoria on ‘Honey’ Tour Last.

The maestro-grandson performance drew a standing ovation. Vikuk Moreira — Snare drum, metal spring, toms, quijada de burro Mexican donkey jaws cowbell, cuica, flute, vocals Babatunde Olatunji — jembe, ashiko, ngoma Flora Purim — vocals 4. He marvels at the foresightedness of Mani Iyer, who made him sit through two tanis only to strategically introduce him during the vinayakrm, because by then the debutant would have settled down to the concert pattern.


Retrieved 26 January Kaul Neelam Kler M. He informed Zakir and suggested that he opt out of the concert.

vikku vinayakram ghatam

He is credited for popularising the humble ghatam clay pot on ghxtam national and global music scale. Personalised recommendations A select list of articles that match your interests and tastes.

Vikku Vinayakram | World Music

Ramani November 30, Shankar and Zakir Hussain. There were high-energy jugalbandis call-response interchanges between the violins and mridangam, in vinayakraam talam. The rest of the ensemble added their own sounds. The lamp would be lit and I had to keep playing till the flame went out.