You must log in or sign up to reply here. No errors with this one.. Can anybody recommend any good sites? With more grays and blues than most use for designs, the Winamp Media Player Skin is a great choice for those that want the wonderful features of the player without the loud colors. Winamp Media Player 11 Skin 1. Copy the contents of the scripts and xml folders into the respective directories of your skin and add this line to skin.

winamp wmp11 bluevu skin

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I think it would be great if the colors could be customized through a CMYK sliderset then again, I think all skins could benefit from this, even winxmp they already have color presets – May 25, by Jon Joy. The best skin Ive seen for along time Leaving without your download?

winamp wmp11 bluevu skin

Maybe one of them will notice this thread and take an interest in helping. Yeah, I hear you. I could see skins with no problems on IE. Easy-to-use mobile app – guaranteed workplace security solutions. I have an old copy of WinAmp on my laptop along with some skins. HarryPotterDec 17, I like some detials thet teo others don’t have Yes, my password is: It’s my default skin now. The font color is black but turns to white upon selection.


winamp wmp11 bluevu skin

Can anybody recommend any good sites? All logos, downloads and text are copyright of their respective rights holders. Eldon uses Firefox and I use Palemoon. Far too many skins just look cool, blevu when u come to use them they are a pain.

winamp wmp11 bluevu skin

Thanks, and Happy New Year! This is really looking great!

Free Winamp Skin: Winamp Skin WMP11 BlueVU By ZebNoid

Log in or Sign up. Someone would have to write or edit and compile new scripts for this skin. Toaster Easy-to-use mobile app – guaranteed workplace security solutions. It is fully integrated and allows you to change up an otherwise visually unique media player without sacrificing either player or visual quality. Originally Posted by ariszlo The attached albumart. Awesome skin – aesthetically and functionally.

Winamp Skins After A Long Absense?

I Googled winamp skins and didn’t find any working and good ones. Close the Winamp Preferences and restart Winamp for the enabled options to take affect. With the theme comes a complete color overhaul. The bars that control sound and location of the song have buttons more blue than the rest of the player.


Is there a way to extract the skins and install them on another computer? The levels that change on the main player screen are a beautiful muted teal. Originally Posted by ariszlo. Hopefully scottiescotsman will post again, explaining more about how he got this skin to display album art. I’ve developed the habit of automatically moving files out of the Windows Program Folders when I want to edit something in them. Originally Posted by Aminifu. My only criticism is that the compact mode could have had a volume bar.

I’ve been looking for something like this for a while, and I finally found it.