I think I found a new bug. Word locks completely when pressing backspace in an equation This is a bug in Word. Maybe you have an atypical installation. The last version to support Office is v. Always make backups in several versions, in several places. If the bug appears to be new, you can send an email to eduap eduap.

wordmat lommeregner

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Support for Office has ended.

wordmat lommeregner

Mark and activate WordMat. This limits the portion to be searched through to find definitions. The error can be caused by another addon to Excel like Google Cloud Connect.

wordmat lommeregner

How do I report the bug? Everything can be entered using the keyboard Features Numbered equations Words equation editor does not support automatic numbering and referencing of equations.

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Which versions of Office are supported? Word can try to repair the wordmwt. Tables also make the document slower to edit. Free graph-program which can be embedded directly in Word via WordMat. Deactivate the addon in Excel. It will also make Word faster.


You might also have an error in a definition in your document, check a clean document. It just worked Try restarting Word. WordMat support Office and for Mac.

wordmat lommeregner

For Word it has been resolved sinde build Check the point above about Office versions. AVG antivirus has done this in the past for WordMat.

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WordMat suddenly disappeared from the Ribbon in Word. Could also be caused by.

WordMat does not work with Word online or mobile versions. When installed a menu will be available in Word granting wprdmat to advanced mathematical functions.

You can circumvent the problem by lowering the security level, though this is not recommended. WordMat uses it to produce 3D-graphs. Word is sluggish If you have many equations in the document or a slow computer, it can affect speed.

An addon to Word, which creates an extra ribbon wrdmat in Word. Support for the version 1.

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Also under setting advanced you can restart maxima. It is a powerful geometry and graphplotting tool. If the bug appears to be new, you can send an email to eduap eduap.


I think I found a new lommeregnrr. WordMat is one tool for all your math needs Input and output is correct mathematical notation Full layout control since Word is the editor Words equation editor for Word is really good and fast. WordMat Excel sheet not working as expected If you save one of the Excel sheets you have to make sure it is saved as an Excel sheet with macros You will be warned if you try to save it as a regular Excel document, but can easily be overlooked.

Graph Installed with WordMat. On a Mac this error is probably caused by Word not being updated.